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Zachary Lane Bryan AKA Zach Bryan is an American singer and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Zach Bryan gained fame with his hit single Heading South, which went viral and garnered over 30 million plays on Spotify. Zach started his music career in 2010 through Zach Bryan YouTube channel and eventually signed a record deal with Warner Records in 2021. Zach Bryan third album, American Heartbreak, was a commercial success reaching #5 on the US Billboard 200 chart.


Full Name           Zachary Lane Bryan
Nick Name            Zach Bryan
DOB                      April 2 1996 (27 years old)
Born                      Okinawa, Japan
Nationality            American
Net Worth              $1 Million (2023)
Profession        Singer, Songwriter
Age                  27 Years Old as of 2023
Religion              Christianity
School                  Oklahoma Elementary School
University            University of Oklahoma
Graduation           Graduated
Height          5 ft 8 in
Weight         80 kg
Relationship         Devoiced
Wife                       Rose Madden
Girlfriend             Debra Peifer

Net Worth

Zachary Lane Bryan has achieved significant financial success throughout Bryans’s music career. As of 2023, Bryan estimated net worth ranges between $250 thousand and $1 Million. This wealth has been accumulate through various sources, including album sales, live shows, and Bryan YouTube channel. Zach Bryan’s success can be attributed to his raw and emotional music that resonates with the Zach audience. Follow us here at Chrisean Rock Net Worth.


Zachary Lane Bryan’s journey from serving in the US Navy to becoming a rising star in the American music scene is an inspiring one Born in Okinawa, Japan. Zachary Lane Bryan moved to Oklahoma with his mother and sister after Zachary Lane Bryan parents’ divorce. Growing up in Oologah, Zach Bryan discovered his passion for music early on.

After joining the US Navy in 2013, Zach served for eight years while nurturing his musical talents on the side. Despite Zach dedication to Zach military career, Zach never let go of his dream of becoming a singer and songwriter. In 2021, Bryan boldly decided to retire from the Navy and fully commit to pursuing his music career. 

Zach Bryan’s musical journey began in 2017 when Zach started sharing Zach songs on YouTube. Zach’s single “Heading South,” released in 2019, catapulted him into the spotlight, gaining millions of views and launching his career. Since then, Zach has released several albums, including “DeAnn” and “Elisabeth,” showcasing Zach  raw and emotional songwriting skills.

Early life

Zach Bryan was born on April 2, 1996 Okinawa, Japan. Zach grew up in Oologah, Oklahoma, but is an American citizen. Zach Bryan’s father is Dewayne Bryan, who works in the Navy. Zach’s mother, Annette DeAnn, was a Certified Nursing Assistant. Zach has a younger sister named MacKenzie Bryan. Now, Zach lives with his family in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Zach love for music, Bryan initially chose a different path and joined the US Navy in 2013. Serving for eight years Zach dedicated himself to his duty. However, Zach’s passion for music remained undeterred. In 2021, Bryan made the momentous decision to retire from the Navy and wholeheartedly pursue Zach dream of becoming a singer-songwriter.

Personal Life

Zach Bryan’s wife’s name is Rose Madden. Zach Bryan met Rose when Bryan served in the Navy. After a long time relationship, the couple got married in 2021. The pair’s marriage, unfortunately, ended in divorce. Following the divorce, Bryan was briefly involved with Debra Peifer, an education program coordinator. Zach is currently single. Now, they are living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Zachary Lane Bryan’s music style can be described as a blend of country and folk. Zach Bryan songs are identified by raw and emotional lyrics, accompanied by acoustic guitar and harmonica. Bryan draws inspiration from renowned musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Townes Van Zandt. 

His songs often explore love, loss, and personal struggles, resonating deeply with his listeners. Bryan’s unique musical style sets him apart in the industry, as he combines elements of traditional country with introspective folk melodies. Zach heartfelt performances and soulful storytelling have garnered Bryan a solid and dedicated fanbase. 

Through Zach Bryan’s music, he continues to leave a lasting impact on the country and folk music scene, solidifying his place as one of the most promising singer-songwriters of his generation. You may know about it here atToo Short Net Worth.

Career Highlights of Zach Bryan

Many highlights have marked Zach Bryan’s career, showcasing Zach talent and achievements in the music industry. From viral hits to accolades, here are some noteworthy moments in his journey: One of Zach career highlights includes the success of his hit single Heading South.

 Released in September 2019, the song quickly gained traction and went viral, accumulating over 20 million views on YouTube. Its popularity showcased Bryan’s songwriting skills and introduced him to a broader audience. 

Zach received critical acclaim for his musical prowess, earning him nominations and awards. In 2023 he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance, a testament to his talent and the impact of his music. Bryan won the New Male Artist of the Year title at the Academy of Country Music Awards in the same year.

Source of Income

Album Sales: Bryan’s albums, including his highly acclaimed “American Heartbreak,” have sold well, contributing to his financial success.

Live Shows: Bryan regularly performs at live shows, attracting a dedicated fan base and generating income through ticket sales and merchandise.

YouTube Channel: Bryan YouTube channel has a significant following, and he earns revenue through ads and partnerships.

Zach Bryan Instagram And Twitter

Zach Bryan is also an active social media user. Zach has thousands of followers on his social account. Zach Bryan Instagram account has 2.9 million followers. Zach verified that the Twitter account has 576.8K followers right now. Zach has an official YouTube channel where Bryan starts his career by uploading videos. 

Zach Bryan’s most-viewed music video is Something In The Orange, which has 12 million views now. Zach  regularly uploads his songs on Spotify. Zach has more than 21 million monthly listeners. Zach uploads his song to his Soundcloud account, and Bryan has 35k followers.


Zach Bryan has confirm himself as a rising star in the American music scene. With a net worth of $1 Million, Zach has achieved financial success through his music career. Zach journey began with his hit single “Heading South,” which gained viral popularity and amassed over 30 million plays on Spotify. 

As a singer and songwriter Zach Bryan music style can be described as a blend of country and folk, influenced by iconic musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt. Zach raw and emotional lyrics, accompanied by acoustic guitar and harmonica, resonate with listeners and touch on themes of love, loss and personal struggles. Read more about it here at Trevor Morris Killed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How old is Zach Bryan?

  Zach Bryan is 27 years old.

  • Was Zach married?

  Zach married Rose Madden.

  • What is Zach Bryan net worth?

  Zach Bryan has $1 million dollars net worth.

  • How tall is Zach?

  Zach is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

  • How much does Zach make a year?

  Zach Bryan makes $800K dollars a year.

  • Where is Zach Bryan from?

  Zach  from Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan.

  • How did Zach get famous?

  Zach Bryan’s famous song is “Heading South,”.