5 types of winning contests on Instagram

One way to increase the number of followers who are engaged using Instagram is to host an event. But, in order to turn it into a success, it’s important to create a plan prior to the event. Ask yourself, why should you offer a test?

Are you looking to increase your visibility, expand the number of people who participate and also give your loyal customers a reward? Answering this query can assist you in selecting the method of participation you want to use. We will go over five kinds of contests that have been successful across the majority of popular social platforms.

1.) Inspire the production of original content

To enhance their exposure, many companies participate in competitions where their fans are encouraged to make original content. This could be cooking tips or a picture that has a theme, or even a video that is fun. The format you request should be related to the activity you are pursuing and the difficulty in achieving it in relation to the amount of gain.

To keep track of spin-offs, and to increase their visibility on social media, particularly on Instagram the brand asks users to use a particular hashtag to their posts. It could very well be a reference to the company.

2.) Provide users with the opportunity to stage themselves using your products.

Do you offer products and would like to give your loyal customers a reward? Encourage your customers to host a competition using your goods! This kind of competition is intriguing due to two main reasons. In reality, it targets the customer base of the business while also giving them the chance to be highlighted by the company’s brand.

It’s also a means to increase your brand’s reputation through digital word-of-mouth. By sharing a photo of them holding the product the participants are indirectly advertising to their followers.

3.) Develop a competition that is that is related to the season.

You’re looking to host an event, but don’t have a specific plan in your the back of your mind? Why not make games that are that is based on the season? From Mother’s Day, Christmas holidays Halloween, Easter, back to school, etc. there are plenty of opportunities to create the perfect seasonal contest.

4.) Work in a partnership with an influencer, or a brand

A partnership with an influencer or other company to host a contest is a great method for the acquisition of the newest Instagram followers. When you do this you get the double benefit of promoting your competitors. One side you can reach out to your local community while in the same way, you also have the chance to present your brand’s image to a market who may not be aware (but keen on your product).

5) Offer a recurring contest

To keep your followers using social media, and to continuously to attract new followers, organizing regular competitions is successful. It’s up to you if you’d prefer to conduct it on a monthly or weekly basis. The most important thing is that your followers record the contest’s details and plan to be a winner.

In this manner this way, they will not be unfollowed from your Instagram account and you’ll get greater participation in a qualitative way. You can try a variety of contests and see the one that works best for you and also if it meets your goals. But, do not forget to evaluate the effectiveness of each contest using hashtags, comments or any other type of interaction.

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