Who is BTS Jungkook’s older brother? Jeon Jung Hyun Meet

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Jeon Jung Hyun the elder sibling of BTS’s Jungkook has once again seized a significant spotlight making headlines. According to a report from Biz Hankook the latest talk of the town revolves around a remarkable gesture from Jungkook. He has officially granted ownership rights of a condominium situated in the picturesque Yongsan City Park to his brother Jung Hyun where the latter currently resides.

The present market evaluation of this upscale apartment stands at an impressive 4 billion KRW, which roughly translates to about USD 3.4 million. While this decision might have taken some by surprise fans. Those who closely follow Jungkook’s journey anticipated a gesture. This anticipation stems from the projection that Jungkook’s net worth was expected to soar to around $20 million by the year 2021.

Despite the fact that Jungkook seldom mentions his brother in public. It’s widely known that a strong and enduring bond exists between Jung Hyun and both his sibling and the other members of the BTS group. This connection has often been observed and it only reaffirms the unity that lies within the BTS family.

Get to know Jeon Jung Hyun, BTS Jungkook’s older sibling

Delve into the world of Jeon Jung Hyun, the elder sibling of BTS’s beloved maknae, Jungkook. The BTS members are known for guarding their personal lives, siblings included. While Jung Hyun has remained somewhat enigmatic. ARMYs have managed to uncover a substantial amount of information about him shedding light on his identity.

Though much about Jung Hyun remains veiled his public Instagram account offers a glimpse into his life and pursuits. Just a fans dub Jungkook the Golden Maknae for embodying the group’s finest qualities. It’s reasonable to assume that Jung Hyun is equally endowed, piquing the curiosity of ARMYs worldwide. Jungkook’s elder brother his undoubtedly remarkable talents add another layer to the intrigue surrounding him.

Personal information about BTS Jungkook’s older sibling

According to Channel Korea, opinions among his followers are divided regarding the year of his birth some assert 1994 while others contend 1995. While concrete evidence of his true age is lacking observations from his supporters suggest. He is at least two years older than our youngest member often referred to the maknae.

He finds joy in sketching, painting and photography evidenced by his light-hearted interactions with fellow BTS members on Instagram. His previous Instagram account featured whimsical sketches of the members implying. That Jungkook’s elder brother is a dedicated member of the ARMY. Jung Hyun frequently unveils his artistic side to the public whether it’s to commemorate. The group’s Billboard achievements or to play pranks on Jin the eldest member of BTS.

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More informative details about Jeon Jung Hyun

Beyond showcasing his prowess in painting he has also gained recognition for his publication of a series of delightfully humorous cartoons. That vividly captures some of the most iconic moments in BTS’s history. Adding to the enigma surrounding Jeon Jung Hyun is the fact that his physical appearance remains a mystery.

The self proclaimed artist has consciously refrained from sharing any visual representations of himself on online platforms. Be it selfies or images where his face is discernible. The sole visuals available online are those from his toddler years or ones that Jungkook himself has shared. These images tend to be either heavily zoomed out or taken from angles that obscure his face.

There have instances where Sungjin of DAY6 was inadvertently mistaken for Jeon Jung Hyun in online picture exchanges. This mix-up was short-lived though ardent followers of K-pop quickly discerned the distinction. Given Sungjin’s resemblance to pre-debut Jungkook characterized by his sizeable round nose and captivating doe-like eyes. It becomes understandable how such speculations could have taken root.