What is the Best Pixelmon Team?

Which Pixelmon team has the best performance? Pokédex question ages back thousands of years. I decided to list my favorite Pixelmon with friends Pyranna and Rodge while we took on this challenge. These are our own opinions, so please keep that in mind. If you have your own favorite Pokemon, please share it in the comments.

All Pixelmon we can find in the mod is non-legendary, extremely powerful, and in no particular order. Here is a complete list of all available Pokemon in the Pixelmon mod that can be viewed by clicking here.

Team Pixelmon – The Best of the Best


Swampert is a Water-type Pokémon that is the final evolution of Crawdaunt. It is a very powerful and versatile Pokémon with many abilities that make it an ideal teammate. Swampert can easily take down most Pokémon with just a few attacks, making it an excellent choice for any team. Its great ability, Torrent, makes it one of the best choices for taking down pesky water types such as Wailmer and Milotic, while its other abilities, such as Damp and Swift Swim, make it an excellent choice for any type of terrain.


Pixelmon Team

Dragonite is a powerhouse dragon type that many players choose for their teams. Overall, it is a versatile dragon that can fit in most teams. Dragonite can easily take on most opponents thanks to its great physical and special attacks. Additionally, Dragonite is one of the few dragons that can learn to Fly, granting it an edge in aerial combat.


He sits in the NU bracket for years but is an underestimated sweeper. A Golem’s Sturdy Ability and recent changes have enhanced its actual sweeping teams.

Golem can outspeed all other Ground Types in his category thanks to the combination of Earthquake, Rock Throw, and Rock Polish. In pixelmon, Golem is one of the best pokemon to try if you are willing to try this original Rock type.


This Pixelmon could be classified as a Poison/Dark type, and people often overlook it. It has only ONE weakness, meaning it has no weaknesses. In combination with a Toxic Orb and ability like Fling, this Pixelmon does not even need a move like Toxic and can get by with an ability like Fling. An attack such as Venoshock might be able to replace that slot with a more powerful one.

Besides learning wonderful moves like Earthquake and Crunch, it can also learn a wealth of other tricks as well. Since it is one of the weakest typing programs, it does not have to worry about any type of type whatsoever. With the exception of its x2 weakness against Ground, it is pretty strong.


Volcarona is a powerful and versatile pokemon that can easily take down most opponents. Volcarona has great attacking stats and can use fire, dragon, and psychic moves to take out its opponents. It is a great pokemon for capturing Dragonite or Gyarados, and its high speed makes it difficult to hit.


 Pixelmon TeamAlakazam is a powerful pokemon that can easily take out most opponents. With great stats and moves, Alakazam is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful pokemon.

Alakazam is one of the most popular pixelmon teams in the game. It has various moves and can easily take on most opponents. The team also has a variety of support moves that can help keep allies safe and help take down enemies.

It is Snorlax.

Pixelmons are known for their legendary-like defenses, which make them capable of lasting for a long time. In addition, his only weakness is fighting. No matter what moves you use, such as Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, or Solarbeam, you’ll still have trouble defeating this giant. Other Pixelmon can be easily defeated by moves such as Crunch. Any team that has this king will be boosted defensively and offensively. The Pixelmon team is now even better with this addition.

In our opinion, we’ve compiled a basic list of our favorite pixelmon teams. Since I’ve listed seven Pokémon, you might have noticed I’ve listed seven Pokémon. This is because all Pixelmon is equally powerful, and you can use the Pokémon you prefer, depending on their typing.

The training you undergo does not end with the catch of a good Pixelmon. EV training is one method of training this Pixelmon; you will learn more as your level rises. So, have fun, and remember to test these teams in single-player on your favorite Pixelmon server or even against your friends! Let me know what you think in the comments, as always! I hope you enjoyed it, and as always, I look forward to hearing from you!

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