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Antony Rafiq Khan AkA Tony Khan is currently the co-owner and founder of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and holds various managerial positions. Besides AEW, Tony Khan is the Senior President of Football and Analytics for Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham’s Vice chairman and director of football operations.


Full Name                      Antony Rafiq Khan
Nick Name                      Tony khan
DOB                                October 10 1982 (40 years old)
Born                                Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA
Nationality                      American
Net Worth                        $1.5 Billion (2023)
Profession                    Businessman, Promoter, Sports executive
Age                              40 Years Old as of 2023
Salary                              $100 Million+
Monthly Income             $10 Million+
Religion                        Islam
Graduate                          University Laboratory High School
University                        University of Illinois
Qualification          Bachelor of Science
Height                    5 ft 8 in
Weight                    72 kg
Relationship                    Single
Zodiac Sign                     Libra

Tony Khan Net Worth

Antony Rafiq Khan AkA Tony Khan is a massive name in business and sports. Tony Khan is a wealthy and successful Personality in America who owns several big teams in the National Football League and the English Premier League. 

Tony Khan is also known as the founder of several wrestling tournaments. Tony is also known as the owner and Chairman of TrueMedia Network. Tony’s currently has a massive net worth of $1.5 billion, which is unbelievable. You may know about this here at Davonkus: Unique Sporting Experience.


Tony Khan, also known by the name Antony Rafiq Khan, is a very successful and Big personality in America. Antony Rafiq Khan was born in Urbana Champaign, Illinois, on October 10, 1982. Tony was raised in Illinois, living with his parents and sister. 

Tony father, Shahid Khan, is a very successful and wealthy businessman. Tony father is of Pakistani American background and shifted to America from Pakistan a long ago. Tony father married Ann Carlson, an American woman. 

They gave birth to Tony and his sister Shanna. Tony was quite good at studies and never had the scarcity of anything in childhood. His father was a billionaire so everything came quickly and easily for him. He establish his name through his hard work.

Early Life

Tony Khan was born on October 10, 1982, in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. Tony father is Shahid Khan, a Pakistani billionaire businessman and sports tycoon. Tony mother is Ann Carlson an American who works as a social worker. In 2001 Tony graduated from University Laboratory High School. 

Tony then attended the University of Illinois where Tony graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Growing up, Tony had always loved watching The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and World Wrestling Entertainment’s many stars (WWE) stars.

Creating Tony own promotion was his dream. Using Tony dreams as motivation, Tony would follow in his father’s footsteps get into the entertainment world, and build a successful career.

Tony Khan Assets

Antony Rafiq Khan has been a citizen of America since the beginning; he has been doing business there. Tony Khan has achieved some severe acclaim in his life. Tony owns plenty of properties, which include Tony massive house in Illinois, Los Angeles, etc.

 Tony also has a mansion in Beverly Hills and one in Manhattan. Tony owns all sorts of cars and has a massive collection of them. Tony is true fan of four-wheelers and has a classic Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar F type, Lamborghini Aventador and much more.

Career and Achievements

Tony Khan’s father purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011, and the following year, Tony would step in as co-owner and Senior Vice President of Technology and Analytics. Tony would work hard, hon his skills as a V.P. and learn the ins and outs of a sports team. 

Five years later Tony Khan would explore another venture. Tony was named co-owner and vice chairman of football operations of Fulham F.C. Tony plays a pivotal role in evaluate and recruie players who sign with the club. 

2018 would be the year Tony turned his dreams into reality. After filing several trademarks for a wrestling promote Tony was able to land All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Tony entered a competitive field, competing directly with the wrestling powerhouse WWE. Tony takes a unique hands-off mentality regarding promotion. 

Tony Khan gives creative control to the wrestlers, who decide the layouts of matches, scripts, and storylines. This thing is entirely different from the WWE; as a result wrestlers are happier and the shows have phenomenal. 

Tony hopes to build AEW to the top brand in wrestling and create a fast-pace action pact promote that makes it an exciting watch. Tony secured a deal with TNT until 2023 to feature the show on the channel and so far, it has been a great success apply pressure on the WWE very quickly. At this rate AEW is set to be the new face of wrestling entertainment. Read more about it here at Catherine Bell Net Worth.

Key Takeaways

Tony Khan has a net worth of $1.2 billion as of December 2023. Tony is the owner of AEW, co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Fulham F.C. Tony success can be attributed to his involvement in various ventures and his ability to give creative control to wrestlers in AEW.

Tony aims to make AEW the leading brand in wrestling and has secured a significant deal with TNT until 2023. In addition to Tony Khan’s business ventures, Tony has made investments in TruMedia Networks and actively participates in charity work.

Tony Khan Charity Work

Antony Rafiq Khan is actively involved in charity work, contributing to various causes and organizations. Tony Khan believes in using his platform and resources to impact society and help those in need positively. Tony’s philanthropic efforts reflect his commitment to giving back and making a difference. One of the causes that Tony supports is education. 

Tony Khan understands the importance of quality education in shaping the future and empowering individuals. Through Tony philanthropy, Tony has donated to educational institutions and programs, providing opportunities for students to access quality education and pursue their dreams. In 2022, Antony Rafiq Khan, through AEW, donated $100,000 to Oceana. 

Tony Khan also partnered with his NFL Team, Jacksonville Jaguars, and AEW to become the title partners for the Kultureball event. Tony has also been heavily involved with the Owen Hart Foundation, displaying how focused Tony is on charity work. Follow us here at Ben Gordon Net Worth.


Antony Rafiq Khan’s professional achievements reflect Tony’s tenacity, vision and ability to adapt to the ever-change landscape of the wrestling and sports industries. With Tony’s impressive net worth, successful business ventures, and philanthropic work Tony’s influence extends beyond wrestling and makes him a prominent figure in entrepreneurship and executive leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Tony Khan’s Net Worth?

    Tony Khan’s net worth is $1.5 Billion. 

  • Who are Tony Khan’s parents?

     Shahid Khan and Ann Carlson are Tony parents.

  • How old is Tony Khan?

     Tony Khan is 40 years old.

  • When did Tony Khan establish AEW?

     Tony officially established AEW on January 1st, 2019.