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Sukihana Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life, Career, Family And More

Those who have an affinity for reality television and a penchant for Hip Hop culture are undoubtedly familiar with the persona of Sukihana. She has become a prominent figure within VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Miami joining. The cast during its third season and maintaining a consistent presence ever since.

Sukihana’s introduction to the show marked the inception of her substantial and dedicated fan base. Love and Hip Hop Miami served like her inaugural venture into the realm of reality TV and televised performances.

Influence has not waned over time Sukihana remains highly active across various social media platforms frequently. Sharing updates releasing new musical compositions and participating in intermittent interviews.

In the recent month of June 2023 social media platforms witnessed a surge of support for Sukihana. This surge was triggered by an incident wherein YK Osiris was originally named Osiris Jahkail Williams. It was captured in a video kissing her forcibly and without her consent.

The incident sparked increased curiosity among her admirers and devotees prompting. A desire to uncover more about her financial circumstances particularly her current net worth. To unveil the details you seek continue perusing ahead.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name: Sukihana
Net Worth: $1 million to $5 million
Profession: Rapper and Tv personality
Full Real Name: Destiny Lanette Henderson
Date of Birth: November 15, 1991
Age: 31 years old (as of 2023)
Birthplace: Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Nationality: American
Record Label: Collins Blvd Entertainment / Chase Entertainment
Bra and Breast size 36G
Hip Size 38-29-42 inches
Ethnicity Mixed (African-American)

What is net worth?

Sukihana is an accomplished figure in American reality television renowned like a rapper songwriter and actress. Born on November 15, 1991 in Wilmington Delaware United States. She proudly embraces her African-American heritage. She keeps her family background guarded from the public eye her impactful presence remains.

Sukihana gained widespread recognition like a prominent member of the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop Miami. She introduced her musical talents with the release of the mixtape Wolf P.ussy.

Under the wing of Collins Blvd Entertainment Chase Entertainment record label. Sukihana explores a diverse range of music genres including Hip Hop Hardcore Hip Hop Nigerian Alté Hip-Hop Rap and Seasonal.

The intriguing alias Sukihana originated during a visit to an Asian restaurant at Wilmington’s Christiana Mall. A playful comment about her taste led to the birth of this moniker. Which has now become synonymous with the artist herself.

Her educational journey led her to Kuumba Academy Charter School a creative arts institution. Where she honed her skills in ballet acting and musical theater.

Sukihana’s rapid rise to fame can be attributed to her dynamic and flamboyant personality capturing the attention of the internet almost overnight.

The turning point in Sukihana’s television career arrived. When she took center stage like a key cast member in the third season of Love & Hip-hop Miami. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of not only her fortune’s growth but also her flourishing online presence.

Earnings Overview

2023 Sukihana possesses an estimated net worth of $3 million which she has amassed through diverse avenues. In musical pursuits Sukihana commands a substantial following on various social media platforms leveraging her influence for profitable gains. She is a prominent figure in the television series LLHHM.

Sukihana’s revenue streams stem from multiple origins with her involvement in LHHM standing out. Like a primary contributor to her earnings although the exact figures remain undisclosed.

Complementing this she enjoys a considerable income by endorsing brands to her extensive social media audience. Collaborating with reputable and established brands renowned for generously compensating their social media influencers bolsters her financial prosperity.


Personal Life

The romantic journey has captivated her ardent supporters stirring significant intrigue. The songstress was romantically involved with Kill Bill a prominent luminary within the realm of music.

The pair garnered substantial attention when Kill Bill orchestrated a poignant marriage proposal to amidst a live streamed dialogue in September 2020 an event witnessed by a sizable audience. With overwhelming elation she warmly embraced the proposal enveloped by the affection and encouragement of her three beloved children.

Turning attention to her family she assumes the role of a proud mother to a trio of children comprising two sons and a daughter. Particulars pertaining to the father’s identities remain veiled fostering curiosity among enthusiasts. Children presently find solace under the guardianship of her grandmother Cynthia in Atlanta basking in an environment replete with affection and nurturing.

2022 Sukihana officially confirmed the amicable separation between herself and Kill Bill. In a forthright declaration, she conveyed her present solo status underscoring her unwavering commitment to chasing. After her aspirations all the while retaining her affection for her erstwhile partner.


A multi talented artist excelling like a rapper actress social media influencer and YouTuber. She catapulted into the public eye in 2017 when she skillfully remixed Kodak Black’s music reimagining it like the hit track Kodak Snack.

Then relying solely on her musical endeavors Sukihana strategically utilized Instagram. To establish her presence effectively capturing attention and laying the foundation for her eventual breakthrough. This breakthrough came when she was spotted and subsequently embraced a prominent role in a popular television series.

In 2016 Sukihana inaugurated her YouTube channel becoming a creative platform to engage with her audience. Among her content one standout is the music video no one released in December 2020 which has garnered an impressive 2.3 million views.

The earliest upload on YouTube is the video titled Sukihana Best of My Freestyle shared on March 13, 2016. This video has resonated widely amassing over 1 million views and marking an early milestone in her captivating journey.


Embraces an extravagant way of living akin to the majority of television personalities. This is the driving force behind her relentless efforts to sustain her chosen lifestyle and provide her children with an exceptional upbringing.

Resides in a spacious abode alongside her beloved children. She possesses a fleet of automobiles that cater to her family’s mobility needs.

Insights regarding :

  • Her preferred hue is yellow.
  • The inaugural video on her YouTube channel was titled I Never Eat Yo Wings though it has since been removed.

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Destiny Henderson’s renowned Sukihana emerges like a captivating presence in entertainment. Her prowess spans rap acting, social media influence, modeling, YouTube content and reality TV. Sukihana’s impact like a fashion icon reverberates in contemporary style. Journey emanates inspiration marked by unwavering diligence.

She voices that her current reality harmonizing rapper aspirations with motherhood embodies her lifelong dream. Unfazed by  skepticism Sukihana overcame daunting odds. She pressed forward transforming aspirations into achievements and underscoring her resolute spirit.


Q. When did Sukihana and Kill Bill Begin Their Relationship?

Ans: Sukihana officially confirmed her connection with Bill in March 2020. Their dating timeline is believed to trace back to late 2019.

Q. What Led to Sukihana and Bill’s Separation?

Ans: Sukihana and Bill parted ways due to guidance from her manager, producer, and friends. Who believed he was negatively impacting her career.

Q. How Many Children Does Suki Have?

Ans: Sukihana is a mother to three sons and one daughter.

Q. Who Is the Father of Sukihana’s Children?

Ans: All three of Sukihana’s children are with rapper Kill Bill.

Q. Why Did Sukihana Experience Dental Issues?

Ans: At a performance in Oakland in 2022 Sukihana lost a tooth. This was reportedly due to her use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages potentially damaging bonding materials. The tooth likely became loose during her time at Trap Kitchen Oakland.

Q. What Occurred Between YK Osiris and Sukihana?

Ans: YK Osiris faced backlash for inappropriately touching and kissing rapper Sukihana an action for which he later apologized. This incident captured on camera transpired during an event hosted by The Crew League in Atlanta.



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