Who is Labor Candidate Sally Sitou?” Fiona Martin Condemned Of Making Mistakes With Asian-Australian

She is the Labor Party candidate to Reid.

Social media has been abuzz with Sally and Fiona Martin (her opposition) being the topic of conversation. There has been a heated exchange at 2GB Radio that has been making rounds on the internet. It has prompted some interesting comments from voters.

Who is Labor Candidate Sally Sitou

Sally Sitou, an Australian Labor Party candidate for Reid’s federal seat, is being re-elected.

According to ALP, she’s a doctoral researcher at University of Sydney Business School and focuses on the finance industry. She spent more than a decade in international education and development before obtaining her Ph.D.

Sally was previously a communications advisor at UNSW. Sally has also been a member of the Steering Committee for the Chinese Australian Forum since 2019.

The candidate for the political office is a married woman who lives in Homebush, with Rui and Max.

She is active on social media including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Recent posts were about Fiona Martin, her opposition.

Liberal MP Fiona Martin Allegedly Confused Sally Sitou for Another Asian-Australian Polittician

Sally Sitou made numerous accusations against Fiona Martin, her opposition.

They had a heated exchange during a debate on 2GB Radio. The Liberal MP referred to Kristina Keneally’s victory over Tu Le in Flower, a Vietnamese Australian lawyer. She claimed that she kicked Sally out.

Sally later tweeted after the debate that Fiona was making up things. She also wrote that she had no plans to run as a Flower candidate.

Finally, she accused her deceiving voters and confusing her with an Asian Australian.

Penny Wong (Senator of the Australian Labor Party) questioned why this drama was taking place in 2022. Fiona also denied the allegations, according to Guardian Australia.

The Liberal MP also mentioned that Sally was only three years old when she had been associated with Ried. She also quoted news reports from 2018 to suggest that the Labor candidate might run for Cabramatta.

Where is Sally Sitou from?

Sally Sitou is a daughter of Chinese immigrants and hails from Cabramatta in Australia.

After the Vietnam war, her parents fled Laos. Fiona Martin and her had a heated discussion about their roots.

Liberal Party politician, she said that she was born in Reid and attended school at Five Dock and Strathfield. However, Ryde is her current home, which is in the neighboring electorate Bennelong.

Sally grew up in Cabramatta, and now lives in Homebush. She said that her love of the community is what she lives in Homebush, while debating.

Marin countered by claiming that Marin moved to Reid as a Labour Party candidate because she saw an opportunity and couldn’t run for Flower.

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