Ptosis and List of Renowned Celebrities Who Have Droopy Eyes

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The saying goes that your eyes are the windows to your soul. There is no doubt in my mind that this statement is accurate. You can tell how you feel by the expressions on your face at any moment. Feelings of happiness, sadness, fear and excitement will be communicated through them. You feel something your eyes immediately convey it without any filters or concealment.

Everyone has a different eye shape, from round to almond upturned to hooded. Eye colors like brown, blue, black, green, gray, hazel, purple, amber and many others add to our physical beauty. You can lose your beautiful vision due to several internal and external factors.

This article discusses a condition that can physically alter the shape of your eye and even impair your vision. When your upper eyelid sinks over your iris. You have ptosis which causes your eyes to appear droopy. To help you understand that even the most famous Hollywood personalities can suffer from eye ptosis. We will share a list of celebrities with eye ptosis.

In reading the above information you will learn that ptosis is a common condition that can affect anyone from newborns to adults. Before we go through our list of celebrities with chin ptosis let’s explain this eye condition. You may know about Trevor Morris Killed.

What is Ptosis?

Ptosis or blepharoptosis is a condition. That causes the upper lid of your eye to droop over your eyeball. A droopy eyelid can give the appearance that your face is exhausted causing you to look tired.


In ptosis the superior tarsal muscle and the oculomotor nerve become impaired resulting in a droopy eyelid. Your eye’s appearance changes as a result of its dysfunction. Ptosis can affect anyone from a child to an offage. This condition causes some people to look tired or closed-eyed. When the eyelids drop heavily on the iris. It can hinder a person’s vision resulting in them having to tilt their head back to see.

Droopy eyes may also be caused by eye tumors, cancer, diabetes or neurological conditions. It is possible to treat ptosis surgically. Which can restore vision and cosmetic appearance.

Famous Celebrities Who have Pto sis or Droopy Eyes:

Now that we have discussed pto sis basics including potential causes and treatments. Let’s recognize some people who have or previously had it. A list of our top ten celebrity pto sis sufferers is below:

  1. One of the most notable Hollywood actors with pto sis is Forest Whitaker. According to the Academy Award-winning star. He will not undergo eye surgery.
  2. The former American president John F Kennedy is another celebrity with droopy eyelids. Droopy eyelids made the 35th president’s eyes appear smaller.
  3. Paris Hilton also has drooping eyes. The famous American model singer and actress is a celebrity in her own right. The star often conceals the difference between her left and right eyes with makeup.
  4. Pto is also affects American actor and filmmaker Steve Buscemi. His left eye is smaller than his right eye and his vision is wonky. 
  5. New York-based singer and songwriter Alicia Keys joins our list of female celebrities with ptosis. Close inspection of the fifteen time Grammy winner reveals a slightly smaller right eye.
  6. Ryan Gosling is another Hollywood A-lister with droopy eyes. With ptosis the Canadian actor’s eyelids are lowered giving him a hooded look which adds to his charisma.
  7. Moreover, Demi Moore is known for her slightly dropped eyes. Age has caused her right upper eyelid to fall resulting in a smaller right eye.
  8. Our list of celebrities with pto sis includes UK based singer and musician Thom Yorke. He was born with paralyzed eyes. His eyelid drooped after the surgery which restored his vision.
  9. Kristen Bell: Another celebrity with droopy eyes is American actress Kristen Bell. Her deep-set eyes and droopy eyelids give her eyes the appearance of pto sis.
  10. Another notable celebrity with pto sis is Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe. He has heavy eyelids that droop and cover a significant part of his iris making his eyes appear smaller.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston stands as one of the world’s most iconic celebrities. The Hollywood scene since the mid-1990s. Her glamorous persona has contended with dry eye syndrome for years.


In her quest for relief Aniston has explored every available solution ranging from eye drops to prescription medications. None have provided a lasting remedy. At one point she found herself using eye drops every two to three hours. But the relief was only temporary.

Publicly sharing her struggles with dry eyes Jennifer emphasizes the importance of addressing this issue. Candid discussions she hopes others grappling with dry eye syndrome can seek assistance sooner than she did.

Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong, the American actor and comedian gained fame through his performances in movies like The Hangover, Role Models and The Hangover Part II. When diagnosed with dry eye syndrome Jeong took on a new role as an advocate for the condition.

Teaming up with the pharmaceutical company Novartis. Whose eye drops effectively addressed his symptoms Jeong and Novartis are now united in spreading. The message is that there’s assistance for individuals dealing with dry eyes.

The Conclusion:

We hope this article helped you learn more about celebrities with ptosis or droopy eyes. Anyone, regardless of age, can suffer from pto sis as explained above. Several factors can also contribute to this condition, which is listed above.

You understand that anyone can suffer from droopy eyes caused by pto sis. We have included an extensive list of celebrities with ptosis. The good news is that ptosis can be treated surgically if you or your loved ones suffer from it.