Pixelmon EV Training Guide

Now that you’ve installed the mod and learned how to capture Pixelmon, evolve them, and so on, you should be familiar with the basics. The time has come to step up your Pixelmon training. Here we’ll discuss Pixelmon EV Training, an advanced (but no less useful) training method. Using this feature, your Pixelmon can be focused on a specific attribute (more detail later). Even a legendary pokemon can have statistics that far exceed those of a mere pokemon if you do it correctly! Here’s your chance to boost your Pixelmon knowledge!

Through battling, Pixelmon acquires Effort Value (EV) points and uses many items as options during EV training. Upon reaching 510 EVs, a Pixelmon can no longer gain more EVs. Each stat can have 255 points. As the pixelmon levels up, it gains more EVs, which are added to its stats. A level 100 player can gain one stat point with 4 EV points, and when the ratio drops, fewer EV points will make a greater difference – this happens because EV points are converted into stat points in a ratio of 4:1. By level 100, 4 EV points will increase your stats by 1. The next few paragraphs will make much more sense, so don’t worry if you are confused.

What is EV Training?

EV Training, or Experience Points Training, is a method of training your Pokémon in Pixelmon that uses real-world experience points. By feeding your different Pokémon types of food, you can increase their experience points and level them up.

As your Pokémon levels up, they will learn new moves and abilities. You can also use items to increase your Pokémon’s experience points, but be careful – using too many items at once can cause your Pokémon to become over-leveled and unable to fight effectively.

There are several ways to increase your Pokémon’s experience points: by capturing wild Pokémon and battling them, giving them treats such as PokéBlocks or Potions, or using the in-game EV training feature.

EV training is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a way to train your Pokémon quickly and easily!

How to EV Train

Pixelmon EV Training One of the most important aspects of playing Pixelmon is EV training. EV stands for Experience, Value, and effort, which determines how much progress you make in the game. In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about EV training in Pixelmon.

EV training is a process that allows you to increase your experience points (XP) and level up faster by doing things that require less effort on your part. There are a few different methods you can use to EV train, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The most effective way to EV train depends on your playstyle and the stage of the game you’re at.

Here’s a breakdown of all the different types of EV training in Pixelmon:

PvP: Pitting yourself against other players in battles will give you a lot of XP quickly. However, PvP can be risky, so ensure you have a good strategy before entering a battle.

Breeding: Breeding creatures give you a lot of XP, but getting them to breed cannot be easy. Try breeding different creatures together to find compatible ones.

Which Pokémon Are Best to EV Train?

Which Pokémon is the best to EV train for Pixelmon? This is a question that many people have asked, and there isn’t a definitive answer. However, some Pokémon are better suited for this task than others.

Those with high Attack stats are some of the best Pokémon to EV train for Pixelmon. These Pokémon are often more effective in battle and will thus gain more experience points while fighting in the game. Other good candidates for EV training include Pokémon with high Defense stats because they can withstand more damage in battle.

It’s important to consider the environment in which you will play Pixelmon. If you’re playing online, then it’s important to choose a Pokémon that can survive against other players’ attacks. Conversely, if you’re playing locally with friends, choosing a weaker Pokémon that won’t need as much investment in its Attack or Defense stats might be easier.

As You Improve With Pixelmon EV Training, You Can Cmprove Six Stats:

  • A pixelmon’s health/stamina is represented by its health points (HP). Once it reaches 0, the pixelmon faints.
  • Pixelmon can use earthquakes or quick attacks as part of their attack strength.
  • Pixelmon’s special attacks include Ice Beam and Water Gun, used to deal special damage.
  • Defense – Defense softens the blow of physically damaging attacks on the player’s health.
  • An attack that uses special damage can be softened by using Special Defense.
  • When a pixelmon attacks, its Speed determines how quickly it attacks, and the moves are prioritized based on the Speed.

Start by picking/catching any Pokémon you wish to improve your Pixelmon EVs. If you are thinking of getting a Pixelmon, then you probably already have one in mind, but you should always remember that the best time to start training one is immediately after it has been acquired. In other words, if the Pixelmon you have in mind has already taken part in as many battles as possible, likely, it has already acquired a lot of EV points from that, which will make it very difficult for you to control how you train it because it may take unnecessarily large steps to remove them.

The battle is the next step! You can now find different enemies to battle with your Pokémon after completing Pixelmon EV training! It does not matter if these Pokemon are wild or owned by another player! You can ask a friend to let you defeat one of their Pokémon if you want to upgrade a particular stat but can’t find the pixelmon that releases it.

The mod adds some items from the original game to make EV training easier, but you will find it takes a while!

  • EV gain is doubled when you hold the macho brace while defeating Pixelmon.
  • In addition to the normal amount of EVs gained through battling. A power item gives an additional four. The Speed of your Pixelmon is also halved as a result.
  • The EV stat is raised by 10 when a vitamin is consumed, but not beyond 100.
  • If a Pixelmon is eaten, its EV stats will be removed by 10 points.

Each Statistic Is Accompanied By These Items/Berries:

HP Power Weight HP Up Pomeg Berry
Attack Power Bracer Protein Kelpsy Berry
Defense Power Belt Iron Qualot Berry
Sp. Attack Power Lens Calcium Hondew Berry
Sp. Defense Power Band Zinc Grepa Berry
Speed Power Anklet Carbos Tamato Berry

Keep track of your progress! You’ll need some way to keep track of your Pixelmon’s statistics, especially if you don’t have a lot of practice with mental math. A simple pencil and post-it note can do the trick, or you can make a spreadsheet on your computer, but here’s what you need to know:

  1. Each stat you wish to train (HP, Attack, etc.) will be represented by a row in your system.
  2. Keep a record of your EV points gained by defeating Pixelmons, adding tally marks, numbers, etc. If your defeated enemy drops power weights, macho braces, or any other possession that adds statistic points, you must add them.

Below you will find Pixelmon’s base statistics without further ado. Some boost multiple categories, while others boost only one. EV training does not require leveling up! These two pictures show a level 100 Dragonite before and after EV training. Attack and Speed spiked dramatically.

A Few Little Tips: 

Pixelmon EV Training

  • Until the Pixelmon reaches level 100 (where it reaches the 4 EV points to 1 Stat point ratio), you will not be able to see these statistics clearly; 255 does not divide by 4! The only way to enter it is in 252. It’s better to spend those extra 3 EV points on something else rather than wasting them on EV points!
  • Be sure to use berries to remove any stats added by defeating Pokémon accidentally!
  • Pixelmon servers often offer to train your Pokémon for you by people with this knowledge and experience. The EV trainers can come in handy if you’re busy, too lazy to train, or are working on something else. If you want your Pixelmon trained properly, then make sure these people won’t steal them.
  • The nature of a Pixelmon also influences its stats. The nature of a Pixelmon can help or hurt its stats when you’re Pixelmon EV training. There are also statistics for a Pokémon’s growth (pygmy, enormous) and nature (bold, gentle, hardy) at the bottom of its menu – these can significantly affect their base statistics. If you’re concerned about one statistic, like Attack or Speed, you should look at the Pokémon’s nature to find one that fits that statistic. A stat is increased by 10%, and a stat is decreased by 10% for each type of nature. Then some do nothing.

The Conclusion

The Pixelmon EV Training Guide is finished! After a long and arduous process, we have finally completed our guide. In this final article, we will provide some final thoughts and suggestions on how to train your Pokémon in the best way possible.

First and foremost, make sure you have a solid team. Your team should be able to handle most situations that come up in training, so don’t hesitate to use different Pokémon in different situations. For example, if you are fighting a water-type opponent, consider using a Ground-type on your team. This way, you can be sure that your Pokémon won’t get lost in the water and will be able to take down your opponent quickly.

All right, that concludes my tutorial on Pixelmon EV training Guide! I would love to hear how your own Pixelmon EV training training goes in the comments below! Let me know if there are more Pixelmon tips or tutorials you’d like to see!

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