OSRS Roving Elves Quest Guide Embark on a Magical Adventure

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Are you an avid player of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) looking to embark on an exciting quest? Look no further than the Roving Elves quest. In my words, we will take you through all the steps and provide helpful tips to successfully complete the Roving Elves quest.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide will ensure a smooth and enjoyable questing experience. So grab your gear and let’s delve into the magical realm of Roving Elves!

Overview of the Roving Elves Quest

The Roving Elves quest is a captivating adventure that takes place in the mystical land of Tirannwn. Your main objective is to aid the elven leaders in their quest to restore the lost city of Prifddinas. Along the way you will encounter various challenges puzzles, and intriguing characters. The quest offers a rich storyline and unique rewards, making it a must play for any OSRS enthusiast.

Quest Requirements

Before embarking on the Roving Elves quest, there are a few requirements you need to meet night cloaked deck:

  • Completion of the Waterfall Quest
  • Level 56 Agility
  • Level 49 Mining
  • Level 51 Thieving
  • Level 70 Ranged (Recommended but not required)
  • Ability to defeat level 84 enemies

Ensure that you have fulfilled these requirements to progress smoothly through the quest.

Items Required

To complete the Roving Elves quest you will need the following items:

  • Rope
  • Glarial’s amulet
  • A spade
  • A pickaxe
  • Lockpicks (multiple recommended)
  • Arrows (at least 5)
  • A bow (with arrows)
  • Food and combat equipment (recommended)

Gather these items beforehand to avoid unnecessary backtracking during the quest.

Starting the Quest

To start the Roving Elves quest, head to King Lathas in Ardougne. You can find him in the Ardougne Castle, located in the eastern part of the city. Speak to King Lathas and express your desire to help in the elven restoration project. He will provide you with important information and instructions on how to proceed.

Entering Isafdar

To progress in the quest, you need to enter the elven lands known as Isafdar. The entrance to Isafdar is located northeast of Tyras Camp, so make your way there. It’s advisable to bring some food and combat equipment, as you might encounter aggressive creatures along the way.

Once you arrive at the entrance, speak to the elf guarding the area. He will give you a Crystal teleport seed. Use the seed to teleport to Lletya, the elven village.

Finding Glarial’s Pebble

Once you’ve arrived in Lletya, your first task is to find Glarial’s Pebble. Leave the village and head west towards the Galarpos Mountains. Follow the path until you reach a waterfall. Use your rope on the rock nearby to create a shortcut across the river.

Cross the bridge and continue along the path until you reach a cave entrance. Enter the cave and navigate through it until you find a pile of rocks. Search the rocks to discover Glarial’s Pebble. Take the pebble and make your way back to the entrance of the cave.

Reaching Lletya

After successfully acquiring Glarial’s Pebble, make your way back to Lletya and seek out Eluned, a significant figure in the quest. Engage in conversation with her, and as a pivotal moment unfolds, she will entrust you with an invaluable item – the Elven Signet.

This precious artifact holds immense importance in your mission to revive Prifddinas, serving as a key component in the grand scheme of restoration. Cherish this signet and let it guide you towards the ultimate goal of bringing the elven city back to its former glory.

Obtaining Elven Signet

With the Elven Signet in your possession, it’s time to acquire the final item needed to progress further. Exit Lletya and head northeast towards the Tree Gnome Village. Locate the Gnome Glider and use it to travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

From the Stronghold, make your way to the Tree Gnome Maze. Navigate through the maze, following the correct paths until you reach Golrie, a gnome prisoner. Speak to Golrie and assist him in escaping from the maze. He will reward you with a translation book.

Unlocking the Prison

Return to Lletya and speak to Arianwyn, the leader of the rebel elves. He will inform you that King Lathas has been deceiving the elves and holding prisoners captive. Your task is to rescue these prisoners.

Use the teleport crystal to teleport to the Prison of Glarial. Make your way through the prison, fighting off enemies and solving puzzles. Free the prisoners and continue deeper into the dungeon.

Defeating Islwyn

You can make your way deeper into the dungeon and be prepared to face a formidable foe named Islwyn. This powerful enemy poses a significant challenge. Gear up hone your skills and enter the battle with determination. Defeating Islwyn will not only ensure the safety of the imprisoned individuals. But also accomplish your primary quest objective. Stay focused and overcome this obstacle to emerge victorious in your quest.

Returning to King Lathas

After successfully defeating Islwyn, make your way back to King Lathas in Ardougne. Inform him of the truth about the elven restoration project and the prisoners held captive. King Lathas will reward you for your efforts and provide you with valuable rewards.

Rewards and Benefits

Completing the Roving Elves quest offers several rewards and benefits of Roving Elves Quest. These include:

  • Experience in various skills such as Agility, Thieving, and Ranged.
  • Access to Prifddinas, the elven capital city.
  • The ability to use the Elven Signet Teleport Crystal for convenient transportation.
  • Unlocks access to other quests in the Elf series.

Helpful Tips for the Roving Elves Quest

To ensure a smooth questing experience, here are some helpful tips:

  • Bring extra supplies such as food and potions to sustain yourself during battles.
  • Utilize shortcuts and agility shortcuts to save time and avoid unnecessary detours.
  • Pay attention to dialogue and clues given by NPCs to progress efficiently.
  • Be prepared for combat encounters by equipping appropriate armor and weapons.
  • Follow the quest guide and map closely to avoid getting lost in the elven lands.


The Roving Elves quest in OSRS takes you on a captivating journey through the enchanting elven lands of Tirannwn. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-prepared to face the challenges, unravel the mysteries, and aid in the restoration of Prifddinas. Enjoy the immersive storyline, engage in thrilling battles, and reap the rewarding benefits of completing this quest. Embark on this magical adventure and let the elven realm unfold before your eyes!