Marlene Knaus, Niki Lauda’s Ex-Wife

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Marlene Knaus’s Early Life, Family, And Education

This implies that Marlene will be 64 years old in 2020, making her the oldest person on the planet. She has Venezuelan ancestry despite being born in the United States before relocating to Austria.

The Family Of Lauda

A star who prefers to keep her personal life quiet, she has never discussed her parents in public. It isn’t known whether she has any further siblings or not. Likewise, she has a similar educational background. Marlene has kept her educational history a well-guarded secret.

Discovering What It Took To Become The World-Famous Marlene Knaus

Marlene’s modeling career began at a young age in the 1960s. Modeling prowess led to her being sought after by some of the world’s most well-known companies. She became renowned as the ‘it-girl’ because of her signature unkempt hairstyle and impeccable fashion sense.

As a fashion designer and socialite when she wasn’t on magazine covers, she was a household name.

Marlene Knaus’ Ex-Husband, Children, And Divorce

Marlene’s fame skyrocketed when she wed Niki Lauda. In 1975, after just a few months of dating, she met Niki, with whom she married in 1976. Because they were one of Hollywood’s most well-known celebrity couples, their love story was highly publicized and appeared on page three.

It has been stated that Marlene fainted after seeing her husband almost die in a Grand Prix collision. It was Marlene who was Niki’s first love, not Marlene.

It was in 1975 that he began dating Marlene after his eight-year relationship with Mariella Reininghaus ended due to his attraction to Marlene’s attractiveness and captivating charm.

Before meeting Niki for the first time, Marlene dated German-Austrian actor Curt Jurgens, who was hosting the dinner party. Niki was a three-time champion of the Formula One World Drivers Championship and one of the best drivers in the sport. Besides him, there is no one other driver who has won championships with both McLaren and Ferrari.

He was also an entrepreneur and a businessman, having founded Niki and Lauda Air. In 1976, he faced off against James Hunt in a Formula One race that was featured in the 2013 film “Rush.”

Mathias Lauda, the son of Formula One racing car driver Lucas Lauda, was born on January 30th, 1981. His brother has entrusted Lucas with the role of general manager.

Born In 1982, Christoph Is Niki’s Second Kid From An Extramarital Relationship.

Though her husband was having an affair, Marlene refused to leave him even after it became public. The pair had been married for 15 years when they decided to call it quits in 1991. It was not uncommon to see Marlene at family events once her divorce was finalized.

A flight attendant who had never been married or involved with another guy, Niki married Birgit Wetzinger, who worked for his airline. The couple’s twins, born in 2008, were given the names Max and Mia.

Marlene currently lives in Ibiza, Spain, where Niki left her a house. Their friendship endured even while her ex-husband was on the verge of death in Zurich’s University Hospital. Unfortunately, after a long battle with cancer, Niki died on May 20th, 2019. In August of last year, he underwent a lung transplant, the third of his life.

It was left mostly to Birgit, with a little portion going to her four children and Marlene and Christoph, another of his children.

How Much Is Marlene Knaus’s Net Worth?

It was after her divorce from Niki Lauda that Marlene’s fortunes began to soar as a model and socialite. Niki had accumulated a sizable fortune as an F1 driver throughout the course of his career.

According to reliable sources, Marlene Knaus’ net worth is expected to reach $43 million by the beginning of 2020. Her ex-husband is said to have left a wealth in the $100 million range.


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