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Kyle Forgeard stands out as a notable Canadian YouTuber and social media figure celebrated for his comedic flair and online escapades. Fueled by a fervor for crafting engaging videos. Kyle has accumulated a significant net worth through diverse revenue channels. This piece will explore facets of Kyle Forgeard’s financial standing, life story, physical attributes, familial roots, professional trajectory, social media footprint and more.

Who is Kyle Forgeard?

When does Kyle Forgeard celebrate his birthday? Kyle Forgeard, the renowned Canadian YouTube personality was born on July 12th, 1994. Growing up in Mississauga Ontario, Canada his early life was a far cry from the affluence he enjoys today.

From a young age Kyle exhibit a keen interest in art and entertainment. Raise by Rick and Gayle Forgear alongside his sister Chantal. He learn the intricacies of life. Kyle pursued his education at Ryerson University a prestigious institution in Toronto, Canada.

His academic journey at Ryerson University focused on filmmaking. A testament to his aspiration to craft compelling content. It was during these university years that the foundation of his immensely popular YouTube channel, NELK, was laid.

Co-founded by Jesse Sebastiani and initially establish as NelkFilmz in July 2010. The channel quickly garnered a substantial following across various social media platforms. NELK’s humble beginnings featur low-budget videos and vlogs. That pave the way for its remarkable success. You

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth

April 2023 Kyle Forgeard’s net worth stands at $1.5 million, based on information from reliable sources. According to The New York Times. The Nelk Boys collectively amass a staggering $70 million annually. A combination of subscriptions, donations and merchandise sales. Common misconceptions suggest that their primary income source is Adsense. But this notion is far from accurate.

On November 12, 2021 NELK took to Instagram to disclose their YouTube statistics, revealing a remarkable 15 million views in October alone. Their earnings from YouTube for the entire month of July amounted to a mere 23 cents. This paltry sum is likely attribute to the channel’s strain relationship with YouTube reflect its unfavorable stand on the platform. You may know about Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth.


Name Kyle Forgeard
Date of Birth 12-Jul-94
Place of Birth Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Height 5’10″
Occupation YouTuber, Content Creator, Entrepreneur
YouTube Channel NelkFilmz
Subscribers 7.5 million
Views 1.3 billion
Company Full Send Entertainment
Products Clothing, Accessories, Posters, Stickers, Phone Cases, Hard Seltzer, NFTs
Net Worth 2023 $25 million
Relationship Status Single
Tattoo An arrow on his left arm
Social Media Links Instagram: kyle
Youtube: @nelkfilmz
Twitter: kyleforgeard
LinkedIn: kyle-forgeard-804175123


Kyle Forgeard hailing from the United States is a distinguish technology executive and entrepreneur. The visionary founder and CEO of Forgeard Games. A prominent mobile game development company. He has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Renowned for his contributions to the creation of the widely acclaimed mobile game Clash of Clans Forgeard has shown his innovation and expertise. He serves as the founder of Forgear Ventures. A venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage investments.

Early Life

Forgeard was born in Mississauga, Canada, on July 12, 1994. His initial plan involved graduating from high school and pursuing a cinema degree at Ryerson University. While in college, he played a significant role in establishing the Nelk YouTube channel. The YouTube channel gained popularity for its prank videos, vlogs, and promotional content related to Forgeard’s company, Full Send Entertainment.

Excelling academically, Forgeard felt that traditional education did not align with his passion for content creation. He made the bold decision to drop out of Ryerson University channeling all his time and energy into the growth of Nelk. This pivotal choice turn out to be a cornerstone in Forgeard’s life leading to the remarkable success he enjoys today.

Professional Life

In 2010, Forgeard and the Martinovic twins, Niko and Marko, co-founded NELK. The channel gained significant traction in 2015 when Forgeard’s video featuring a prank on police officers. Where he claim to have cocaine in his car went viral.

The officers under the impression of a serious situation, conducted a thorough search of the vehicle only to discover that Forgeard had filled the trunk with Coca-Cola bottles instead. The humorous incident resonated with over 40 million viewers leading to a surge in subscribers.

This viral success spurred the creation of more content in a similar vein, solidifying the officers as fan favorites. While Forgeard may not match the popularity of YouTube’s MrBeast, he has successfully grown Nelk from a few thousand subscribers to over 7 million, with ongoing efforts to expand the brand.


Nelk was founded by Steve Will Do It and the Martinovic twins, Niko and Marko, in 2010. It was not until 2015 that the channel faced a turning point. Steve gain widespread recognition through a YouTube video in which he pranked police officers by suggesting. He had hidden cocaine in his car.

The police believe it to be a serious matter, conducted a thorough search of the vehicle upon receiving his statement. To their surprise they found that Steve had playfully stashed various Coca-Cola drinks in the trunk. The video went viral, amassing over 40 million views and attracting a substantial following.

This success serve as a foundation for Nelk’s subsequent content, propelling. Them to fame and garnering over 7 million YouTube subscribers. While Steve Will Do It may not be as widely known as MrBeast. His contributions have significantly contribute to Nelk’s growth and continued success. Follow us here at Kyle Forgeard Net Worth.


Kyle Forgeard’s parents have crucial in molding the person he is today. Rick Forgeard his father, and Gayle Forgeard. His mother have consistently provided support and guidance, playing an essential role in various aspects of his life.

Kyle is widely recognized for his accomplishments in the entertainment industry. It is imperative to recognize the impact and affection. He has garnered from his family. They have been a vital component of his life’s voyage actively contributing to both his personal and professional development.


Is Kyle Forgeard in a relationship? Now Kyle Forgeard is not romantically involved and does not currently have a girlfriend. Our data undergoes thorough verification through cross-referencing both publicly accessible information and user-provided details to maintain precision. It seems that Kyle is directing his attention towards other aspects of his life at the moment.

Kyle tends to keep his personal life under wraps his single status is widely acknowledged. There was speculation about him getting veneers on his face after a podcast interview with Mike Tyson. But it’s important to note that this rumor has not been officially confirmed. Read more about Heather Locklear Net Worth.


Explore the wealth and journey of Kyle Forgeard in our comprehensive overview. His substantial financial success and widespread fame firmly establish him among the highest-earning YouTubers.

Given his youth and leadership role in NELK. His net worth will likely continue to soar in the years ahead.

Having already carved a niche in the realm of social media, coupled with NELK’s escalating popularity. The future holds untold possibilities for Kyle’s financial standing.

Did you enjoy our exploration? If so share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more captivating updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

  • How old is Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994 making him 29 years old.

  • What led to Kyle Forgeard’s fame?

Kyle rose to prominence through the YouTube channel Nelk. Where he and his friends craft engaging and daring content.

  • Is Kyle Forgeard married?

The latest information, Kyle Forgeard’s marital status is not publicly known.