Kathleen Zellner: Face Surgery, Personal/Early Life And Net Worth

Today women are more involved in becoming lawyers. And one of them is an amazing and famous lawyer from Chicago is Kathleen Zellner. She is well-known for her determination to win incorrectly found guilty cases. She has a reputation for protecting and release men who are wrongfully convicted. She is not just an attorney, but she fights for the underdogs. Zellner is determined to get justice in any case she takes.

Kathleen Zellner is an attorney located in America well-known for her work in wrongful conviction advocacy. She has represented a number of prominent clients who are listed on the National Registry of Exonerations.

Is Kathleen Zellner married?

She is the spouse to Robert Zellner. Robert Zellner is an activist for civil rights and is a member in the Student Non-violent coordination committee. Together with Robert, Kathleen Zellner forms an incredibly strong justice family. They’ve been married since the year 1970 and are soon to celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary in 2022. But, they do not have children and it appears that they’re not planning to have any in the near future.

Net amount for Kathleen Zellner?

She has a net worth estimated at 10 million dollars. She makes her money through fighting various cases and obtaining the appropriate compensation. In addition she has won the majority of lawyer cases, including cases like the cancer III case, the Por Bono case, and other cases. Her cases often involve murder cases as well as wrongful convicts. She has won most cases, with the exception of Steve Avery. The case she fought to defend Steve Avery is still going in the background, and she is determined to bring justice to him.


The year was 1991 and Kathleen established her company called Kathleen T. Zellner& Associates in Illinois. She graduated with a degree dealing with cases of wrongful conviction as well as medical malpractice and prisoner abuse cases as well as civil rights violation. Her notable cases comprise Kevin Fox, Steven Avery and a few other exonerees who are on the registry of the National Registry of Exonerations. Lawyers even claimed during an interview to Newsweek that the case against Kathleen was the most difficult.

She made more than $90 million from medical malpractice lawsuits as well as wrongful convictions. The United States, she is among the top ten attorneys for suicide-related negligence. She has earned a substantial amount of money by getting verdicts in favor of her famous clients.

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