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Today women are more involved in becoming lawyers. One of them is an amazing and famous lawyer from Chicago Kathleen Zellner. She is well known for her determination to win incorrectly found guilty cases. She has a reputation for protecting and releasing men who are wrongfully convicted.

She is not just an attorney but she fights for the underdogs. Zellner is determined to get justice in any case she takes. Kathleen Zellner is an attorney located in America well-known for her work in wrongful conviction advocacy. She has represented a number of prominent clients who are listed on the National Registry of Exonerations.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kathleen Zellner
First Name Kathleen
Kathleen Zellner Bra Size 36b
Date of Birth May 7, 1957
Age 66 years
Profession Attorney
Nationality American
Birth City Midland, Texas
Birth Country United States
Father Name Owen Daniel Thomas
Mother Name Winifred Thomas
Gender Identity Female
Of age Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Married
Spouse Robert Zeller
No Of Children 1
Networth $10 M
Married Date 1970

Is Kathleen Zellner Married? Relationship

Kathleen Zellner’s successful legal career is complemented by her happy marriage to Robert Zellner the CEO of CitiCorp Futures Inc. and CitiCorp Options. Their love story began when Kathleen a Netflix star pursued her teaching career at Marquette University after moving from Texas to Wisconsin. Though she completed her degree at the University of Missouri after transferring this change turned out to be advantageous for both of them.

The couple tied the knot soon after Kathleen finished her first semester. Robert’s encouragement led Kathleen to enroll in law school. Where she earned her Juris Doctor from Northern Illinois University College of Law in 1981. They have a harmonious family life with their daughter Anne Zellner who is a lawyer in Denver. The Zellner family exemplifies a beautiful blend of love support and professional success.

Kathleen Zellner Net worth in 2023

July 2023, Kathleen Zellner’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Her remarkable success in the legal profession has contributed to amassing this significant sum. With an annual salary of $117,188 Kathleen stands out as the only lawyer in the country to secure five multi million dollar judgments in less than a year. In 1991 she founded Kathleen T. Zellner and Associates in Downers Grove Illinois and previously served as a clerk for the Appellate Court for the Second District.

Throughout her illustrious career Kathleen has represented high profile clients Steven Avery. The subject of the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer and Kevin Fox. Who was falsely accused of his three year old daughter’s murder. One of Chicago’s most renowned and esteemed attorneys. She has made appearances on various television shows including Making a Murderer Dateline NBC and 20/20.


The year was 1991 and Kathleen established her company called Kathleen T. Zellner& Associates in Illinois. She graduated with a degree dealing with cases of wrongful conviction as well as medical malpractice and prisoner abuse cases as well as civil rights violation. Her notable cases comprise Kevin Fox, Steven Avery and a few other exonerees who are on the registry of the National Registry of Exonerations. Lawyers even claimed during an interview to Newsweek that the case against Kathleen was the most difficult.

She made more than $90 million from medical malpractice lawsuits as well as wrongful convictions. The United States, she is among the top ten attorneys for suicide-related negligence. She has earned a substantial amount of money by getting verdicts in favor of her famous clients.

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Kathleen Thomas is the daughter of Owen Daniel and Winifred Thomas. Her father was a geologist while her mother initially worked a chemist and later pursued a career a nurse. Kathleen has six siblings and she is the second eldest among them. All of her siblings have successful careers as psychologists or attorneys.

Kathleen is married to Robert Zeller who works as a bond and commodities trader. He holds the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer at CitiCorp Futures Inc. and CitiCorp Options. Together, Kathleen and Robert have a daughter named Anne Zellner Nolte, who is a lawyer working at the esteemed Denver firm Ryley Carlock and Applewhite.


Kathleen finds pleasure in swimming and pistol shooting. She has also learned judo and jujitsu moves. Even at the young age of eight. She showed bravery by standing up against a child who had harmed a local cat physically defending what was right. Throughout her childhood Kathleen demonstrated courage like rescuing an innocent youngster from bullies. She fearlessly warned the bullies to leave the girl alone or face her.

Alongside her hobbies Kathleen had always aspired to work as an investigative journalist or join the FBI. Her determination and bravery have evident from an early age shaping her passion for justice and standing up for others.