Is Josh Widdicombe Related To Ann Widdecombe? Family Links explained

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Josh Widdicombe the Channel 4 comedian is often cited to be related to the MP Ann Widdecombe. The renowned personality recognized both for his comedic talent and sporting achievements is widely acknowledged for his satirical news show. The Last Leg which has been on the air since 2012.

Noteworthy comedy series in his repertoire encompass Mock the Week. Fighting Talk Insert Name Here  josh and Taskmaster.

Characterized by his British comedic style marked by self deprecation and a touch of awkwardness. Josh has garnered substantial attention firmly establishing him as one of the most discussed comedians. As a result his personal life frequently becomes a subject of curiosity for the public particularly his association with the political figure Ann Widdecombe.

Is Josh Widdicombe related to Ann Widdecombe?

Josh Widdicombe and Ann Widdecombe are not connected by any familial ties.

While they share the same surname there exists no kinship between the two individuals.

The comedian, prominently featured on Channel 4 was born in Hammersmith London to parents whose identities remain undisclosed. He was raised in Hayter Vale near Widdecombe in the Moor in Devon.

In contrast Ann an author and politician is the daughter of Rita and James from Bath Somerset. Hence, the dissimilar origins of Ann and Josh preclude any family connection.

Josh Widdicombe Is Married To his wife Rose Hanson

Josh Widdicombe is a devoted husband to Rose Hanson. Who akin to her spouse prefers to maintain a distance from the limelight.

Rose a professional in TV production has made appearances on programs such as Live at the Apollo and  8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Despite her involvement in the entertainment sector. Rose opts to work behind the scenes and shun the spotlight.

According to Mirror UK Rose previously worked as a researcher on the show Never Mind the Buzzcocks and as an assistant producer on programs like Alan Carry Chatty Man and Would I Lie To You?

The couple who both have a presence on television tied the knot in 2019 six years after their initial encounter. The humorous Josh and the lovely Rose are parents to two children from their union.

Their daughter Pearl was born in October 2017. While their son Cassius entered the world in May 2022.

More on Josh Widdicombe’s Net Value 2022

Josh Widdicombe is a millionaire with a net worth exceeding $2 million. His journey to millionaire status unfolded throughout his media career starting as a journalist and evolving into a frequent performer in the comedy realm.

He and his spouse lead a contented family life supported by both his earnings and his wife’s income as a producer.

This comedian producer duo collaborates to ensure their family’s well being and an enriching life.

What Medical Condition Does Josh Widdicombe Have?

Josh Widdicombe has a medical condition known as pectus excavatum. This condition involves the chestbone being sunken into the chest cavity.

He became aware of this condition after discussing it with the renowned physician Christian Jessen on an episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats.

A born comedian Josh humorously addresses his condition considering himself a regular person who is not hindered by disability. He playfully adds that his only other impairment is being a natural redhead.

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Josh Widdicombe emerges as a multifaced talent acclaim for his comedic brilliance and athletic achievements. Anchoring “The Last Leg” since 2012 he is firmly etched his mark in comedy. His repertoire spanning shows like Mock the Week and Taskmaster showcases his distinct British humor. Resonating with audiences through self deprecation and a dash of awkward charm.

His personal life including an unrelated connection to Ann Widdecombe intrigues the public. Devot to wife Rose Hanson a TV producer he cherishes privacy amid media’s glare. With a net worth exceeding $2 million. His journey from journalist to comedian culminates in a thriving contented family. Josh’s resilience and comedic perspective extend even to his unique medical condition pectus excavatum.

FAQs About Josh Widdicombe:

Q1: Who is Josh Widdicombe known for?

Josh Widdicombe is recognizfor his comedy and sports achievements notably in The Last Leg and shows like Mock the Week and Taskmaster.

Q2: Is Josh Widdicombe related to Ann Widdecombe?

No despite sharing a surname Josh Widdicombe and Ann Widdecombe have no family relation.

Q3: Who is Josh Widdicombe’s wife?

Josh Widdicombe’s wife is Rose Hanson a TV production professional who prefers privacy and has work on shows like Live at the Apollo and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Q4: What is Josh Widdicombe’s net worth?

Josh Widdicombe’s net worth is over $2 million gain from his media career as a journalist and comedian.

Q5: What medical condition does Josh Widdicombe have?

Josh Widdicombe has pectus excavatum a chest condition where the chestbone is sunken. He humorously downplays its impact on his life.

Q6: How does Josh’ Widdicombe view his medical condition?

Josh’ Widdicombe takes a light heart approach considering himself normal despite his condition. He jokes that his only impairment is being a natural redhead.