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José Trinidad Marin: Wife Maria, Family, Mother, Sisters, And More

José Trinidad Marin was the eighth child of six children. Trino is the name and the people are familiar byf him. Having been born into a Christian family, José Trinidad Marinbelongs to a Christian community. The two of them shares common heritage. Because they are both belong to the same family. The public unfamiliar with José Trinidad Marin before his married Jenni Rivera. Songwriting and singing skills are one of the things that are made Jenni a household name in media.

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Trino Marin first began dating Jenni Rivera. He works at a Mexican American café and he is in high school. The source of income for Jose Trinidad Marin is his acting career. The main reason José Trinidad Marin is from Mexico is and he is originally from there. Important to notes he is dual citizenship of American and Mexican. Originally from Mexico his parents move permanently to the United States and he is three years old. There is no clear indication of exactly he decide to relocate to the United States.

Trino Marin: Wiki

José Trinidad Marin

  • Jose Trinidad Marin is the name of the person
  • Date of birth: 15th February 1964 Date of birth: 15th February 1964
  • In terms of age, he is 56 years old
  • The gender of the individual is male
  • A native of the United States
  • The children of Jacquie Campos are Michael Marin, Chiquis Rivera, and Jacquie Campos.
  • Divorce: Only once (Jenni Rivera)

Jenni and José Trinidad Marin  dating and Jose unemploye at the time. His relationship with Rivera José Trinidad Marin performes a variety of odd & even jobs. In order to make end meet. Jose was hired as a catering manager by American-Mexican at the age of 22 when he was a young man of 22 years old. As an outcome, he was able to earn a decent living later on in his career.

Jos Trinidad Marn: 10 Facts You Should Know

José Trinidad MarinIt is here to Trino advise his wife to she should go back to school. They staying at home alone to raise a family. Rivera not take the stress to get to her and decide to spend more time by her childrens and her house. There is a bigger controversy and it resulte from this little argument.

Important Information About José Trinidad Marin

  • He is known as the former husband of Jenni Rivera and is also a member of his family of Roxxy.
  • Born in 1964 he is a member of the generation of the 60s. Aside from this, he is now 56 years old, which is a significant milestone in his life. He celebrates his birthday on 15th February and it is a very special day for him.
  • There is not any information in the media about the details of the past of José Trinidad Martin’s father mother and family. king about his family his ex-wife is an American songster and actress. The couple first met in the high academy and got married in 1984. A son and a daughter are the children of the couple.
  • After Jenni learned, Jose was sexually abused his sons. Jacquie, Chiquie, and his sister-in-law, Rosie was disassociate.
  • Due to physical and emotional abuse, he committed against his son and daughter-in-law, he is currently in captivity.
  • Wikipedia does not contain a biography of him. It looks not possible to find best information about Jose Trinidad’s all career online.
  • In terms of education and qualifications, he has not disclosed much. However, his accomplishments suggest that he has a high level of education.
  • José Trinidad doesn’t have any information about his net worth as of yet. There is also a lack of information either regarding income details or payment details as well.
  • It is his nationality to makes him an citizen of United States of American. Like being a members of the white race, he is a member of an ethnic group in his era.

Unveiling the Life of José Trinidad Marin: Nurtured by Family Bonds

At the heart of José Trinidad Marin’s remarkable journey lies an intricate tapestry of family connections, shaping his life into an inspiring narrative of love, resilience, and growth. His wife, Maria, stands as his steadfast partner, their bond symbolizing unwavering support in the face of challenges. Yet, it is the foundation laid by his broader family network that truly defines him.

Embraced by the nurturing embrace of his mother, Marin’s formative years were sculpted by her wisdom and care. The influence of his sisters further enriched his understanding of empathy and compassion. The collective strength of his family became a guiding light, propelling him to achieve his dreams.

José Trinidad Marin story is a testament to the profound impact familial ties can have on an individual’s path. Through trials and triumphs, his family remained a constant source of inspiration, enabling him to become a beacon of hope for others. In his journey, we find a reminder of the invaluable role families play in shaping character and fostering a legacy of unity.


It has been reported that Trino fell in love with Jenni Rivera at the age of 15 years old, according to the interviews he conducted. When Jenni (Dolores) Jenni was 20 years old, Jose Marin Trinidad proposed to her, and after a few months of courtship, the couple decided to tie the knot.

Furthermore, Jenni got expectant by her primary kid at the time of 17 years childhood, when she was seventeen years old. At the time of Rivera’s first child’s birth, she was still a student at the high academy. Three children have been born to the couple. Additionally, in 1992, their marriage came to an end because of many reasons. Aside from all these facts, there have not been any new developments or news published about the woman who is going to replace Jose Marin Trinidad. After nearly a year of living on the streets of Riverside County, he started his life over with a new partner.



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