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Jessica Robin Moore also known by her stage name Jess Hilarious. Is a renowned American personality recognized for her exceptional talents as a stand-up comedian and actress. As of 2022, her estimated net worth stands impressively at approximately $3 million.

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What Is Jess Hilarious’s Net Worth?

Often referred to as Jess Hilarious Jessica Robin Moore possesses an estimated current net worth of approximately $3 million. She has gained significant recognition for her comedic approach characterized by being candid straightforward and to the point. In addition to her stand-up comedy. She occasionally takes on acting roles in movies.

Apart from her entertainment ventures. Jessica is an influential figure on social media and has established herself as an entrepreneur both contributing to the growth of her net worth.

Real Name Jessica Robin Moore
Birthday 13-Feb-92
Birth Sign Aquarius
Age 30
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 2 inches or 159 cm
Weight 48 kgs or 105 lbs
Partner Daniel Parsons
Kids: Ashton Amar James
Parents Kevin Moore and Robin Moore
Siblings 2, including Prince Moore
Professions Comedian, Actress, Social Media Influencer
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Net Worth $3 million

Jess Hilarious Biography

Born on February 16, 1992, in Baltimore City Maryland USA she is Jessica Moore a rising star. Her parents are Robin Moore and Kevin Moore. Jessica’s fame soared when she joined season 9 of MTV’s hit show Wild ‘N Out created and hosted by the talented American actor and comedian Nick Cannon. Notably in 2018. She made history by becoming the first-ever celebrity to win the BET Social Award for her epic “Clapback.” With her exceptional talent and achievements. Jessica Moore continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

Jess Hilarious Early Life

Jessica Robin Moore a native of Woodlawn Baltimore City Maryland USA was born on February 13, 1992. Her parents Kevin Moore and Robin Moore belong to the Afro-American ethnicity.

Growing up Jess Hilarious shared a close bond with her two siblings surrounded by the unwavering love and support of their parents. Her younger brother Prince shares the co-hosting duties with Jess on their popular podcast called “Reckless Discussion. Her relationship with her sister seems distant possibly due to personal differences.

Despite being a public figure Jess Hilarious values her family’s privacy and chooses to shield them from the spotlight.

While specific details about her educational background remain undisclosed. Jess Hilarious showcases remarkable conversational skills and undeniable talent. She attributes her greatest strength to her sharp wit and humor.

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Jess Hilarious Personal Life

Comedian Jess Hilarious has had a series of personal experiences in her relationships with men.

At a young age of 20. She became a mother and gave birth to her son named Ashton Amar James who will soon turn 10 years old on April 9th.

Her relationship with her son’s father Gerome did not last long due to alleged betrayal of trust. They now have a co-parenting relationship.

Following that she dated individuals named Rome and AJ and then got involved in a toxic relationship with someone named Chris which ended in 2018.

One of her most controversial relationships was with fellow stand up comedian actor Kountry Wayne which began in 2019 and ended in the same year. Kountry Wayne already had 10 children by the age of 30. During this time Jess was accused of being a home-wrecker by Wayne’s ex wife though Wayne denied the claims stating that they were no longer together even though legal proceedings were ongoing.

Subsequently Jess and Wayne’s relationship also ended after a few months. Daniel Parsons, Jess Hilarious’ current partner, and she are currently enjoying a great relationship after experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. They have been friends since 2012 and will be starring together in VH1’s Couples Retreat.

Their relationship began to blossom around April 2021. Jess affectionately calls her partner Danny and he is a 40-year-old event curator who also owns a clothing brand called Certified Fly.

Jess Hilarious Career

Jess Hilarious has achieved substantial financial success through her diverse range of ventures. Apart from excelling in stand-up comedy and acting. She has also demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills. One of her notable endeavors is managing her own page on Instagram. Where she sells hair extensions under the brand name “Fifty Strands of Jess.” With a staggering 5.2 million followers on her main Instagram account. She has garnered a significant following attracting various sponsors.

To her entertainment career Jess has ventured into the world of business with her fitness apparel line Dr. WHO merchandise which contributes to her overall revenue. Her impressive popularity and reach have opened up numerous opportunities for her to earn through product affiliations endorsements hosting gigs and other lucrative engagements. Jess Hilarious continues to thrive as a multi talented individual leveraging her creativity and business acumen to secure her financial success.

FAQs About Jess Hilarious

1. What is Jess Hilarious’ nationality? 

Jess Hilarious is American.

2. Where is Jessica Hilarious from? 

Jessica Hilarious hails from Baltimore MD.

3. How old is Jess Hilarious? 

Jess Hilarious is 30 years old born on February 13, 1992.

4. When is Jess-Hilarious’ birthday? 

Jess Hilarious celebrates her birthday on February 13, 1992, making her 30 years old.

5. How many children does Jess-Hilarious partner (baby daddy) have?

Jess’ boyfriend Kountry Wayne proudly shares parenthood with NINE children. The 32 year old stand up comic often showcases his family on Instagram captioning the pictures with “ask my kids about me.