Is Jess Hilarious a twin brother to comedian Jess Hilarious? What do you know about her siblings in the family?

She is an actress and comedian.

Jess was the Clapback winner (2018 BET Social Awards). She also owns Fifty Strands of Jess online.

For May 2022, her upcoming shows will be in Houston, Tampa and Kansas City. Similar performances will be held in New Brunswick and Brooklyn the following month.

Is Jess Hilarious a twin brother to Comedian Jess Hilarious?

Jess Hilarious is the mother of two children.

@LuxuriousBlu tweeted about her podcast featuring “twin brother” in September 2021. This tweet addressed the question of HIM, a Weekly Podcast hosted each week by four gay black men about their lives and love lives.

This was the first time anyone had mentioned her twin. There is not much online that suggests otherwise.

The comedian shares a lot about Desi Alexander, her big brother. His birthday is 28 January. His Facebook page shows that he does comedy just like his sister.

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He is also the Forest Park High School class of 1997 graduate. He also studied Theatre/Acting at Coppin State University and Early Childhood Education at Coppin State University.

Desi was previously the Teacher/Technology Coordinator for Baltimore City Public Schools between 2013 and 2019.

He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with Lauren Lo Alexander and their two beautiful daughters.

Jess Hilarious: Who Are You?

Jess Hilarious, a comedian and actress, is well-known for her appearances on Wild N Out (an MTV program).

She has also appeared on VH1. She is currently the host of Reckless Talks on YouTube and the Carefully Unreckless podcast at The Black Effect Network.

Jess’s Instagram comedy videos were her first big break. Now, 5.3 million people follow Jess on IG. She also has more than two million followers on her Facebook page, 41 thousand followers on Twitter and 155 000 subscribers on YouTube.

She is also a well-known actress for her roles on Hip Hop Family Christmas (2021), and The Varnell Hills Show (2019).

Although she is well-known for her stage alias, Jessica Robin Moore is her real name. She was born February 1992 to an Afro-American couple.

Ashton Amar James, Ashton Amar James’ mother, is also the comedian. Many of her fans have said that their child is a twin to her father.

According to his grandfather @mrkevinsmagicmusic on 14 April 2022, Ashton was born in April.

Robin Moore and Kevin Moore are comedian Jess Hilarious Parents

Jess Hilarious posted some photos about her parents to her official Instagram.

Yesterday’s latest one was a photo of Robin Moore, her mother. She does the same for mother’s day.

On father’s day, and other events, the comedian posts about Kevin. His IG shows that he owns Magic Music.

His business offers karaoke and private parties as well as all things wedding-related including the reception.

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