Jason Maxiell: Career, Bio, Net Worth, Personal Life And Early Life

Maxiel is an American professional basketball player. He was in his last game against Tianjin Ronggang, a member of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). The most well-known of his achievements is his time as a player with the Detroit Pistons from 2005 to 2013. He also played basketball in the NCAA tournament on the University of Cincinnati.

Professional life

Jason Maxiell is a professional basketball player with the Detroit Pistons with a great Track record. Even in his time at the college Jason Maxiell already had the 18th place ranking among all players of high class across the nation. He was granted 3 years of the agreement with the team and due to his outstanding results, Jason Maxiell secured an additional $20 million contract.

His three-year contract was converted into four years in the direct. Jason Maxiell has been with the Charlotte Hornets in 2014 for one season. Jason Maxiell has played for many other teams, over consecutive seasons. But, he returned in 2017 to Detroit Pistons, from where he was retired in 2017.

Net Worth

Jason is 36 years old at present. old. Jason has brown eyes and black short hair. He is 6 feet 7 inches (2.01m) tall and weighs in the vicinity of 265lbs (118kgs). His net worth as of now is estimated at over $8 million and is unlikely to increase since Jason is not an NBA player professionally for two years at a time.

Early Life

His birth date was 1983 on the 18th of February located in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. He is American and his zodiac sign, also known as the star sign is Aquarius. Jason Maxiell also belongs to the African-American ethnic group and shares a common ancestry. He is a resident in two cities, Chicago and Dallas where he lived for his childhood. Jason Maxiell also got into basketball at an early age and decided to make a career out of it. This is all about his childhood.

He’s married to


the gorgeous Brandi Maxiell, and has a son called Jason Maxiell II. Brandi first had cancer before she was married. She was able to recover at an excellent rate, and Jason was there for her throughout the whole duration of the. They got married in the year 2010.

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