Who Is Jasmine Williams? Career, Bio, Net Worth, And Personal Life

Jasmine Williams (nee Gong), was born in the USA. She has not shared her birth date or place of birth with the rest of the world. However, her zodiac signs are Aries. She is American citizen and also has Asian heritage. She is an actor, dancer, and Tae Kwon Do instructor. But she is most well-known as Brad Williams’ wife, a comedian and actor from the USA.

Age, height, and more…

Jasmine’s age may not be known. Jasmine is a brunette with long brown hair. She is approximately 5′ 4″ (1.62m) tall and 120 lbs (55 kgs) in weight.

Early life and education

Jasmine was brought up in Baltimore, Maryland, by her parents. They are not open to the media and nothing is known about them. Jasmine hasn’t spoken out about her siblings. Many believe that she is one child.

Jasmine was a student at an elementary school in the local area. The teacher asked Jasmine if she would be willing to take part in a school production.

From the beginning, Jasmine was obsessed with acting and would spend most of her time perfecting her craft whether she was playing with her friends or in her bedroom mirror. Jasmine continued acting in high school. She was also very active because she played tennis and soccer. She graduated from college and earned her Master of Fine Arts in Theatre.

Brad Williams is a Brad Williams.

Brad Williams was featured on an online video that was posted to YouTube’s channel “98 Rock Baltimore” in October 2017. Jasmine and Brad Williams met via the Feeld app, which is made for polyamory lovers who want to have multiple partners and be happy.

He set off for a night out with two women, which was supposed to be threesomes. But Jasmine was the only one who came along. Jasmine fell in love with the two. During their first three years together, they played in 13 threesomes. In 2017, they married in private, with close family and friends. Jasmine was blessed in 2020 with a daughter who has the same condition as Brad, achondroplastic dwarfism. According to reports Jasmine is still involved in threesomes despite being married.

They have not spoken about any past relationships, but Jasmine and Brad are engaged in March 2021 with a baby girl.


Jasmine is an avid traveler and her acting career took her to many states in the USA. She has also traveled to several European countries with Brad. She has three dream destinations: Athens in Greece, Paris in France, and Venice to Italy.

She loves animals and has worked in a variety animal shelters. She has a cat and a dog as pets.

Jasmine is very active and works out often during the week. She also follows a strict diet.

She enjoys watching movies with Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts, especially in their popular series “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, Edward Scissorhands, and “The Runaway Bride” when she has free time.

Net Worth

Her net worth was more than $300,000. Brad’s wealth is estimated to be at $500,000.

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