Is Among Us Shutting Down A Complete Guide 2022

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Our players have many unanswered questions about the possibility of the game shutting down. Despite a slight decline in popularity Among remained one of the most played games in 2020. Even expanded to platforms like Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass. While fans hope for a PlayStation release there is no official confirmation yet.

The worries about the game shutting down by 2021 are unfounded InnerSloth the developer group assures. That the servers will continue to operate. Reports about Among Us closing are false including an unconfirmed CNN tweet.

Excitement grows a new map called The Airship is set to be added soon, boasting numerous rooms. The developer’s decision to incorporate sequel ideas into the existing game aims to keep the community together and thriving.

What is Among Us

Among Us is a deceptive social deduction game available for free on Android and iOS and it can be purchased on PC. It allows four to 10 players to participate online. You have the option to join games with strangers or play with your friends.

What is the process behind Among Us work?

In the game players take on the roles of impostors or crew members, with the latter responsible for completing tasks to prepare the spaceship for departure. Tasks range from simple ones like Cleaning O2 Filter to more complex ones like Fix the Weather Node. As the game progresses impostors start sabotaging and murdering crew members.

When a dead body is found the game is paused and players work together to identify the impostor and the motive behind the murder. Observing other’s actions becomes vital in spotting the impostor. Discussions lead to voting and the player with the most votes gets ejected revealing their role.

To win players must finish all tasks or accurately identify the impostor. Conversely the impostor aims to stay undetected and eliminate the entire crew.

The game host holds the power to kick players from the lobby. To kick the host joins the chat area clicks the play button and selects the player’s name they want to remove. Kicked players can rejoin if the game hasn’t started yet.

Is Among Us Shutting Down

No Among Us is not shutting down. Despite rumors circulating on various social media platforms. There is no truth to the claim of a CNN tweet stating otherwise. Occasionally the game may experience temporary unavailability due to updates and other issues. But this is normal and expected.

InnerSloth, the game’s developer has no plans to permanently shut down the game. On the contrary they have even canceled an early development sequel. That was intended to further enhance the game’s foundation until 2021. Players can rest assured that Among Us continue to be available and supported by the developers.

Why CNN Servers Are Shutting Down

According to an unsubstantiated CNN tweet it is Among Us is shutting down. But the CNN tweet which claims that it is true. That the Among Us servers shut down is a ruse and originated from a prank or funny website. The prank tweets or news stories are not brand new as they have been around for many years using the games Roblox. Be aware that the servers won’t be permanently shut down and Roblox will be updated regularly throughout the year.

The image that circulated the rumor of Among Us shutting down shows an untrue CNN tweet that circulated across social platforms.

Based on the Tweet:

The servers hosting Among Us were rumored to be permanently shut down due to the creator’s frustration with nauseatingly absurd memes circulating online. This claim has been debunked. It is an image of a fake tweet from CNN that was shared. But it lacks credibility since CNN has never tweeted about Among Us.

The game’s popularity surged in the last six months and despite rumors of its demise. The developers are actively working on a new map for the game. False shutdown rumors are common for popular games often spread by trolls for amusement. Without official announcements there is no reason to believe that Among Us is shutting down. The games dedicated team has invested years of work and development assuring players. That it will continue to thrive.

Among Us Servers Overloaded

You were concerned about Among Us permanently shutting down rest assured. That no such announcement has made by its developers. While there were some issues with the game, the developers promptly addressed them. The problems stemmed from server overload which is common in online games and was easily fixed. The panic was fueled by exaggerated claims. Server failures can happen regularly.

It’s best to be patient and wait for official announcements instead of getting influenced by random internet posts. Before taking any action ensure you are waiting for authentic information like tweets or official social media announcements.

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Among us continues to be a popular and thriving game with no plans of shutting down by 2021. The game’s developer InnerSloth has reassured players. That the servers will remain operational debunking false rumors including an unconfirmed CNN tweet. The excitement surrounding the upcoming addition of the new map. The Airship adds to the game’s appeal and keeps the community engaged.

It’s essential for players to remain vigilant and verify information from official sources rather. Then is being swayed by prank tweets or internet rumors. Among Us success and continuous development demonstrate. The dedication of the game’s team ensuring its longevity and enjoyment for players worldwide.