Is Among Us Shutting Down: A Complete Guide [2022]

There are many questions that remain unanswered like the reason Among Us is closing down. Among Us was one of the most played games of 2020 even despite the slight drop in popularity, it’s moved from mobile to Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass. Many are hoping that it will make its way to PlayStation however there’s no official word currently.

Although there are some plans to play like the release of a new map, a few people are naturally worried regarding “Is Among Us going to shut off?” You’ll learn why the servers won’t be shut down by 2021, in spite of an unconfirmed Twitter post from CNN.

As was previously announced that a brand new map named the Airship is set to add to Among Us, with a huge number of rooms confirmed. The map was planned to be released in the early 2021. It is expected to be available shortly, though no exact date for release has been set to date.

In the beginning, when they received a lot of attention during the Pandemic and the Pandemic, they had plans to alter the game engine and develop Among Us 2. In order to keep the community united However, they decided to abandon that plan and instead decided to incorporate the entire idea of the sequel to the first game, making sure that everyone could stay together and play with their fellow gamers.

The reports of The Among us shutting down are fake and won’t happen in the near future, according to InnerSloth’s InnerSloth group that is developing the app.

The confirmation of a brand new map is likely to reduce any doubts regarding the future of the game, take a look at what the real reason behind the widely-reported CNN tweet that claims to be announcing there’s a chance of Among Us shutting down is completely false.

What is Among Us

Between Us Game Servers is a deceitful game for social networks accessible for free on Android and iOS and to purchase on the PC. Among Us can be played online with between four and 10 players. You can join in a game with strangers, or play games with your other players.

What is the process behind Among Us work

The basic premise of the game in that players play the role of an impostor or a crew member. To prepare a spaceship to departure, crew members must finish a list of tasks.

Certain tasks, like “Cleaning O2 Filter,” are quite simple to do however, other tasks such as ‘Fix the Weather Node’ will require additional steps. When the gameplay progresses the faker begins to subvert and even murder members of the group.

If a body is found it is held in order to determine who the person who is posing as the victim might be and the reason why the game has to be stopped. To determine who the person in the vessel is the players will be watching the actions of the other players in the game.

During the discussion, the participants are asked to vote on whom they believe to be the fake in light of their observations. If a player gets enough votes and is ejected, they are removed out of The Among Us, and it is revealed if they were a fellow crew member and/or an impostor. For the winner to be declared, players must finish all tasks or locate the fake. They’ll win if the person who is posing as a fake can’t be detected and even kill the entire team.

The kick feature in the lobby allows hosts to disengage any player from the game by kicks. For a person to kick the host needs to join the chat area and then hit or press play button. They should also choose the player’s name that the host wants to be removed. The host also has the power to expel the player. If a player gets kicked by the host, they will be removed from the servers of the game, but can return if the game is not yet underway.

Is Among Us Shutting Down

Is Among Us shutting down? Yes It’s not happening. the Among Us isn’t shutting down. In spite of the rumors of a CNN tweet that was posted in several social media platforms However, The Among Us servers are not going down.

Sometimes, the Among Us is unavailable for some time due to changes and other issues, but this should be anticipated from time time. InnerSloth is, however it isn’t permanently shutting down the game. In fact they’ve even pulled an early development sequel that would have continued to improve the game’s foundation until 2021.

Here’s Why CNN Servers Are Shutting Down

According to an unsubstantiated CNN tweet it is Among Us is shutting down. But the CNN tweet which claims that it is true that the Among Us servers shut down is a ruse and originated from a prank or funny website. The prank tweets or news stories are not brand new as they’ve been around for many years, using games such as Roblox. Be aware that the servers won’t be permanently shut down and Roblox will be updated regularly throughout the year.

The image that circulated the rumor of Among Us shutting down shows an untrue CNN tweet that circulated across social platforms.

Based on the Tweet:

The servers hosting Among Us were supposed to be shut down permanently after the creator was angry with the “nauseatingly absurd” memes floating around on the internet.

The image is cut over the date, which means it’s not comparable to CNN’s Twitter. But, we can say categorically that it’s fake.

Based on an easy Google searches, CNN has never tweeted about Among Us. Additionally, there’s no reference to an article in the text and CNN doesn’t just tweet whatever they like with no sources or articles to support it.

While the game’s release was more than 2 years ago its popularity increased exponentially in the past six months. While it’s been a while since the popularity of the game has diminished however, it has a significant following, and the game’s developers are planning to launch a new map very soon. After having worked for two years on the game and two years of development, the team will never close the game. Among Us.

Every popular game is a source of rumours of a shut down. It’s an easy method for trolls to make people to smile. There’s no reason to believe the claim that Among Us is shutting down in the absence of (official) announcements like this. It’s more than an image of a faked tweet to proclaim that Among Us’ servers had been down for good.

Among Us Servers Overloaded

If you worried about you were worried about the Among Us shutting down permanently it is now at ease, as no such announcement has been issued by its developers. Yes, there were issues with Among US, but the developers quickly addressed the issues.

The issue arose as an outcome of the servers of games becoming overwhelmed. In online games, servers that are overloaded are common. It was, therefore, an unimportant issue which was easily fixed. The panics were due to the problem being exaggerated. Server failure is a frequent event.

It is best to be patient and wait for official announcements instead of being affected by any random internet posts at these times. Therefore, before you act make sure you are waiting for official announcements such as tweets or social media announcements.

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