How To Make A Tree Farm In Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to create your 3D world with virtually infinite terrain using various blocks. Depending on your needs, you can extract or gather resources, raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures.

As a gamer in survival mode, you must acquire various items to build the world and maintain health so that you can survive daily. Trees provide wood, one of the essential items in Minecraft.

While trees take a long time to grow, tree farms are one way to speed up the process. Tree farms can be developed with the help of this guide.

Benefits Of Tree Farms in Minecraft

Tree Farm in MinecraftPlanting a tree farm in the game primarily cuts down trees for wood. You won’t have to worry about finding enough trees for timber if you have your tree farm.

You can do a lot more building and crafting in the game when you have access to a lot of wood. Imagine the possibilities.

There is also the benefit that some trees drop items that are useful to you, such as apples. Apples are less effective than cooked food, but they’re free and valuable, so you can’t go wrong with them.

Owning your tree farm saves you time as you won’t have to search all over the place for what you need. Trees can be planted instead of crops, just as you would for a regular farm.

Minecraft Tree Growing Basics (How To Grow Minecraft Trees)

Trees can be quickly grown in Minecraft because they’re super easy to grow. The result is that even novice players can plant a tree farm easily.

Tree saplings are all you need to start a tree farm. Don’t you have any saplings? To get them, follow these steps:

  1. Chop down a tree.
  2. Collect saplings from the leaves that remain.

In Minecraft, getting those saplings to plant for your tree farm is that simple.

Here’s what you need to know about planting tree saplings in Minecraft:
  • They don’t need to be buried near water.
  • The growing process usually starts after one Minecraft day.
  • Place the sapling on the ground and let it grow.
  • Ensure all four sides are free of blocks (diagonal is fine).

How To Organize A Minecraft Tree Farm

Those saplings for your tree farm can be planted in pretty much any way you like. The game has no rules when it comes to starting a tree farm.

You cannot plant two trees side by side unless you leave one block of space on each side of the trees. Tree farms are often planted in diagonal grids to maintain compactness.

This way, you maximize the number of trees in the space while keeping proper spacing.

Tools Needed To Work A Minecraft Tree Farm

Tree farming involves a lot of wood chopping, so that you will need good axes. For speed, stone and iron axes are best.

You can also make wooden axes out of the wood from the trees – be aware that they will chop slower.

The tree farm will eventually require you to build and maintain a composter. Due to all the saplings, you’ll get that you won’t need. You’ll need this.

Compost those excess saplings once you’ve taken them out of the tree. Saplings are turned into a bone meal by doing this.

Your trees will grow faster if you use bone meal on them.

Are you interested in keeping those trees growing throughout the night? Torches should be placed along the perimeter of your tree farm if they require a light source.

Throughout the night, the torches provide enough light for the trees to grow.

Types Of Minecraft Trees You Can Grow

Tree Farm in MinecraftMinecraft allows you to grow any tree as long as you have a sapling for it. Depending on your tree farm, you can plant various trees or stick to one or two.

Be aware that some of the more giant trees need more space to grow if space is a concern.

You can grow the following trees on your farm:

  • Birch 
  • oak
  • pine
  • acacia
  • spruce

Minecraft’s birch and oak trees make the best wood harvesting plants. Farming and growing them is the easiest.

Dark Oak trees yield lots of wood but are challenging to grow. This is because they need four saplings instead of one, and you don’t always get saplings from dark oak trees when you cut them down.

Getting the four saplings needed to plant your first dark oak tree in the game can take some time.

Spruce trees grow to be very tall, so you should keep that in mind if you’re thinking about planting them. Due to their height, they are challenging to harvest.

Even if it’s not as efficient as it could be, you can plant your tree farm underground (as seen above). That’s pretty cool.

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