How to Make a Pixelmon Server – Questions and Answers



These questions relate to the initial installation of Pixelmon.

Make a Pixelmon Server Pixelmon crashes Minecraft on startup! Do you know how I can fix this?

When Minecraft starts up, it may crash due to several different reasons. The following are some common problems with your system that may be causing it to crash. You can also ask for help in the Pixelmon Discord if the guide does not resolve the issue. As much information as possible should be provided.

After installing Pixelmon, Minecraft never finishes loading or is very laggy! Is there a way to fix this?

If you want to learn more about how to fix Minecraft’s memory issues, see Fixing memory issues.

What best way to install Pixelmon for Minecraft Windows 10, Console, or Pocket editions?

Pixelmon can only be used with the computer edition of Minecraft and cannot be installed for any of these editions. Every Forge-based mod has this limitation.

I have Java 8 installed, but I get an error message that my Java version is out-of-date. Could you please explain what this means?

You can modify the “Executable” setting in your profile settings if you have multiple versions of Java installed on your system. To force Minecraft to use Java 8, uninstall all older Java versions.

I installed Pixelmon, but I don’t see any Pixelmon-related features in the game. Do you know what’s wrong?

Two main factors cause this issue. On Minecraft’s main menu, check the “Mods” section. Pixelmon would not appear in the mods list if an installation problem existed. Check the Pixelmon JAR file size after placing it in the correct location (in the mods folder). If it is significantly less than 300MB, your download was corrupted. Pixelmon should be re-downloaded.

Is it possible to play Pixelmon using the Technic launcher?

Yes, I do. Modpacks have traditionally been frowned upon by the Pixelmon team. The Pixelmon squad, however, has recently made compromises to allow players of all launchers to play the game. Pixelmon 6.0.0 and up are currently supported under the modpack name Pixelmon Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2. Technic launcher installation instructions can be found here. The Technic launcher supports Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The Generation 6 starter Pokémon appears as “Coming Soon” when I select a starter Pokémon. Can you explain this?

To access Generation 6 starter Pokémon, you will need to delete or edit your Pixelmon config file if you previously installed Pixelmon before version 4.3.0. 

What is the procedure for adding my server to the Pixelmon launcher’s server list?

Pixelmon is developed and tested on servers on this list owned and operated by Pixelmon developers. On this server list, you cannot request the addition of a server.


Pixelmon mod updates are the subject of these questions.

Make a Pixelmon ServerWould it be possible to comprise this Pokemon in the mod?

The ultimate goal is to consume all Pokémon applied in Pixelmon. To implement Pokémon, models, textures, and animations are needed. There are only a few animators on the Pixelmon team, so adding Pokémon to the game is limited by their ability to animate the models.

You should never ask for Pokémon’s implementation; you cannot contribute to it if you do not wish to do so. The Pixelmon team will ignore it and it will not affect their decisions.

Would you be able to update the model of this Pokemon? Compared to other models, it looks blocky!

The Pixelmon developers made several Pokémon models before adopting the company’s modeling and animation standards. As with all outdated models, updates will take a long time, requiring a model, textures, and animations. In the same way that adding new Pokémon is hampered by the speed at which animators can animate the models, updating Pokémon is also hindered. Don’t ask for a Pokémon to be corrected if you aren’t going to contribute to its implementation. Pixelmon will ignore the suggestion and it will not influence their decisions.

Is it possible to add this feature from generation 7?

Currently, we are focused on improving generations 1-6 and fleshing out new features. As soon as the team feels everything is ready, Generation 7 will be added.

Do you accept suggestions for Pixelmon features or changes?

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the Pixelmon Discord if you have any suggestions. Watch this space for more updates!

In the mod, there is a bug! What should I do to request a fix from the Pixelmon team?

Ensure that the issue is a Pixelmon bug. There is no bug if you are powerless to show the mod. For example, the game crashes when you start it up. Here is a list of mutual subjects that might produce the smash on your system.

The next step is to ensure you use the most recent version of Pixelmon. The bug you encountered may have already been fixed in the most current version if you are not using the most recent version. Those who are using Pixelmon for Minecraft versions 1.10.2 or earlier should note that you are using a legacy version of Pixelmon that will not receive updates; any bugs that exist in legacy versions of Pixelmon will not be fixed.

To replicate the bug on a different Pixelmon world, you must provide as much detail as possible. Please include the error message if you encountered a crash or console error due to this bug. It’s impossible to fix a bug if we can’t reproduce it or figure out what’s causing it.

Is there a date for the next update?

When the team touches there is sufficient new content to justify an update, it is released. Pixelmon versions do not have a structured release schedule.

When will Pixelmon for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.8.9/1.10.2 be updated?

Minecraft versions 1.10.2 and earlier are considered legacy versions. Those versions won’t receive updates, so no new features, bug fixes, or side mods will be added. Support may still be available, but a more recent version will be more familiar to the community.

A Pixelmon developer does not want to stay on an outdated version of Minecraft since it would be unhelpful. If Forge and Sponge are stable, Pixelmon will be updated to newer versions of Minecraft.


Playing the Pixelmon mod itself is the subject of these questions.

 Make a Pixelmon Server What are the boxes in the upper-right corner of the screen?

Your Pokémon’s outside moves are listed in the box on the right.

A directing system can be seen on the left. By pressing the hotkey designated in the case, you can take your Pokémon, chase, and fight a wild Pokémon that you are looking at if you have one of your Pokémon sent out.

Can you tell me what the icons in the lower-right corner of the screen mean?

The left icon opens the Pixelmon or Minecraft wiki.

  • Your browser will open the Pixelmon or Minecraft wiki page for the item you are holding.
  • Whenever you look at a block without holding an item, your browser will open the block’s page on the Pixelmon or Minecraft wiki.

The right icon opens the Pokédex with a hotkey.

  • When you view a Pokémon’s Pokédex entry, the Pokédex will open. In addition, if the Pokémon has never been seen or caught, it will be registered as “seen.”
  • Otherwise, the Pokédex will be displayed first.

Battle mechanics are based on what Generation?

Generation 6 is the source of battle mechanics. Pixelmon does not yet support certain Generation 7 mechanics, such as Z-Moves. When gen 7 Pokémon are ready, they will be added.

In singleplayer, how can I get trade evolutions?

Pixelmon Extras includes a command, trades, that evolves Pokémon typically obtained through trading. Scyther must still hold a Metal Coat to develop into Scizor if another condition is required.

Where do Pokemon spawn? Can I change it?

With Pixelmon 6.0.0, you can fully customize spawns, including weather, time, minimum/maximum Y (height), and required biomes. Here are more details about its options.

Is it possible to disable sure Pokémon generations?

A setting in Pixelmon’s config file called “Spawning” disables Pokémon’s natural spawning by Generation.

Can Pokémon naturally spawn be disabled?

Pixelmon’s configuration file can be edited to accomplish this. Locate the span dimensions setting and remove 0 (Overworld dimension). Pixelmon spawners are not affected by this setting, so it is possible to create a world where only Pixelmons spawn.

Is it promising to inactivate the usual depositing of NPCs?

When the NPC external JSON files are enabled in the config, the spawning of NPC types can be disabled by changing their rarity to 0.

NPC spawning was previously disabled in Pixelmon’s config settings, but this setting has been removed. Changing this setting will no longer disable NPCs if your config file was generated while this setting existed.

Is there a reason why I can’t see wild Pokémon’s names?

The ability to see Pokémon species names above wild Pokémon was removed with beta versions of 4.3.0 and 5.0.0. To enhance Pixelmon’s integration of the Pokédex, the Pokédex can be used to identify Pokémon. To restore the functionality of seeing names above wild Pokémon, the showWildNames config option can be enabled.

If I want to edit shopkeepers, how do I do it?

An NPC editor can be used to create and edit shopkeepers (type, name, skin). However, the NPC editor cannot edit the items a shopkeeper can buy or sell.

It is necessary to edit the shopkeeper’s external JSON files to edit the items he can sell and buy.

Mega Evolution is available outside of battle. Can I use it there?

You can use the Mega Evolve external move to Mega Evolve a Pokémon outside of battle.

My area doesn’t allow me to plant more Apricorn or Berry trees. Why is this?

Apricorn trees and Berry trees are limited to 16 per chunk by default. With the maximum plant option, you can change this.

The Servers

 Make a Pixelmon Server Servers or other topics related to servers are the topics of these questions.

Does Pixelmon have an official server?

Anyone who claims otherwise is lying. There are no official servers.

Pixelmon Discord’s #servers channel and the Technic launcher both host unofficial player-owned servers.

The website

Pixelmon forums and other parts of the Pixelmon website are the subjects of these questions.

What is the process for connecting my Minecraft version with my Pixelmon opportunity account?

If you want to link your accounts, you can install PixelLink.

What is the process for getting a Trainer hat?

To obtain a Trainer hat, you must first link your Minecraft account to your Pixelmon forum account; instructions are available here. You can refresh your account status in-game by using the redeem command.

With the command, redeem trainer hat, you can wear your Trainer hat after completing the above steps. You can remove the cap by using save remove hat. /redeem trainer that can also change the hat’s color. The color arguments can be RGB values 0-255.

I have given it to the mod. How come I don’t consume a Pixelmon ribbon until now?

If you’ve just donated, the Pixelmon sash will be available after a few minutes.

As a result, You will receive the “Donator” title when you post on the Pixelmon forum. For those without any forum posts, you can view your status by clicking the arrow next to the number of online users under the “Statistics” section on the main forum page. Select your username from the list to see its status. You may not have access to the Pixelmon sash. Verify your donor status if you have it. Several reasons this might be the case: The Minecraft and Pixelmon forums should be linked. You can follow these instructions if you’re unsure how to do it.

  • You can refresh your account status by using the redeem command. Use the control in a single-player world if you are on a server that prohibits it.
  • The servers may take some time to refresh the player statuses. You will need to wait until the server refreshes player statuses before you can see your sash on a server if you see it on a singleplayer world but not on a server.
  • We request that you submit a support ticket if you haven’t received donor status after waiting for a long time or if you have received donor status and the above instructions did not resolve the issue.

How do I confer log archives or version collections in a bug or care permit?

Currently, these files can’t be attached to Pixelmon forums tickets. The file contents can also be posted on Pastebin and linked to your access. A Pixelmon wiki is also available on Wikia. Can you tell me what this is?

The Pixelmon wiki was previously located on Wikia; it has since moved to Pixelmon’s domain. Despite this, the Wikia staff refused to close the old version of the wiki. Due to this, there is an old Pixelmon wiki on Wikia that is out-of-date and no longer supported by the Pixelmon team. Pixelmon should not be referenced on the Wikia wiki.


 Make a Pixelmon Server

Pixelmon development is the subject of these questions.

Is it possible for me to join the Pixelmon team?

Make sure all fields are filled out.

Where can I find the Pixelmon source files?

There are no public sources available for Pixelmon, as it is closed-source.

Do you allow side mods for Pixelmon?

Pixelmon JARs can be referenced to create Pixelmon side mods, but Pixelmon APIs are not currently documented due to their closed-source nature. Ask questions about the Pixelmon API in #coding-support on the Pixelmon Discord.

Is Pixelmon available for beta testing?

Unfortunately, no. A closed beta test for Pixelmon was attempted in the past, but it was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, public release versions of Pixelmon can still be tested, and bugs reported.

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