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Henk Rogers is Dutch-American entrepreneur, video game designer and environmentalist. He is best known for his role in bringing the iconic puzzle game Tetris to the world. He is founder of several companies and organizations. Their aim to promote renewable energy, space exploration, and sustainable development. Henk Rogers’s net worth is estimated to be between $19 million and $137 million. Today we will explore how Henk Rogers amassed his fortune.

Henk Rogers Net Worth

Henk Rogers is famous for introducing the world to Tetris the puzzle game. He created and supported many companies and organizations. It work on renewable energy, space exploration and sustainable development. Various sources estimate Henk Roger’s net worth ranges from $19 million to $137 million in 2023. He made most of his money from getting and licensing the rights to Tetris. It is most popular and best-selling games ever with over 520 million copies sold. He earned $137 million from selling mobile game publisher Blue Lava Wireless in 2001.


Name Henk Rogers
Full Name Henk Brouwers Rogers
Date of Birth 24-Dec-53
Birth Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Age 70 years old
Height In Feet & Inches- 6′ 1”
In Centimeters- 183cm
In Meters- 1.83m
Weight In Kilograms- 85kg
In Pounds- 187lbs
Net Worth $22 million
Education School- Stuyvesant High School
University- Hawaii University
Profession Dutch video game designer and entrepreneur
Siblings Brother- Eddy Rogers
Marital Status Married
Wife Akemi Rogers
Children Daughter- Maya and Julie Rogers
Nationality Netherlands


Henk Rogers was born on 24th December 1953 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His father is Dutch and mother is Indonesian. He takes half-brother named Eddy Rogers. His family moved to New York City in 1964. He attended Stuyvesant High School. He developed interest in video games and programming.

He later moved to Hawaii and he studied computer science at the University of Hawaii. He met his future wife Akemi there. And followed her to Japan after she graduated. They got married in 1977 and settled in Japan. Henk started his career in the video game industry.

Early Life

Henk Rogers was fascinated by video games since he was child. He played arcade games, board games, and card games with his friends and family. He learned to program on Commodore PET computer. He wanted to create his own games and share them with others. He was inspired by the role-playing games (RPGs) that were popular in the US, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Wizardry.

He decided to make his own RPG for the Japanese market, which was dominated by arcade games at the time. He co-founded company called Bullet-Proof Software in 1983 and developed The Black Onyx, the first major turn-based RPG in Japan. The game was huge success and established Henk.

Career & Achievements

Henk Rogers continued to produce and publish video games for various platforms. Like MSX the Nintendo Entertainment System and the PC. He expanded his business to the US and Europe. His biggest breakthrough came in 1988. He discovered Tetris simple but addictive puzzle game created by Russian programmer named Alexey Pajitnov. Henk recognized the potential of the game and decided to acquire its rights. He negotiated deal with Nintendo to secure the rights for their upcoming handheld device the Game Boy.

He traveled to the Soviet Union to meet with the state owned company. It owned the rights to Tetris called Elektronorgtechnica (ELORG). He convinced them to grant him the international rights to Tetris for home gaming systems.

He then promoted the game worldwide making it most popular and bestselling games of all time. He helped resolve the legal disputes. It arose from the complex and unclear licensing of Tetris. He co-founded The Tetris Company with Pajitnov in 1996. It manages the Tetris trademark and licenses the game to various developers and publishers.

Henk Rogers ventured into other fields. Like renewable energy, space exploration and social entrepreneurship. He founded Blue Planet Software in 1996. It is the sole agent for The Tetris Company. He founded Blue Planet Foundation in 2007. It is non-profit organization and advocates for clean energy policies and initiatives in Hawaii.

He was instrumental in making Hawaii the first state in the US to pass 100% renewable energy law in 2015. He founded Blue Planet Energy in 2015. The company provides energy storage systems for homes and businesses. He founded Blue Startups in 2012. It is startup accelerator and supports technology entrepreneurs in the Pacific region.

He founded the International MoonBase Alliance in 2017. It is organization aims to build sustainable habitats on the moon and Mars. He founded the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) in 2007. Research and development center tests space technologies in Hawaii. He founded the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) in 2012. Facility simulates long-term missions on Mars.


Henk Rogers is married to Akemi Rogers. He met at the University of Hawaii. They take four children Maya, Julie, Leonard, and Michael. Maya is the president and CEO of Tetris. Julie is the executive director of non-profit organization. Leonard is the founder and CEO of project Management Company. And Michael is program manager. Henk and Akemi live in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. They take off-grid ranch powered by solar panels and batteries.


Henk Rogers and Akemi Rogers married for over 46 years. They met when they were both studying at the University of Hawaii. Akemi returned to Japan after graduating and Henk followed her. They got married in 1977 and lived in Japan for several years. They later moved back to the US to expand their business. Akemi is supportive partner to Henk in his career. She helped him run his company.

Answered business calls and took care of their children. She shares his passion for renewable energy and space exploration. They involved in various philanthropic and social causes. The Blue Planet Foundation the Henk & Akemi Rogers Ohana Foundation, and the International MoonBase Alliance.

Personal Life

Henk Rogers is video game enthusiast. He is environmentalist and space lover. He enjoys playing games like Tetris and creating new games. He is passionate for ending the use of fossil fuels and promoting clean energy solutions. He believes humanity needs to become multi-planetary species and explore the solar system. He take vision of building moon base and Mars colony in the future.

He is fan of Star Trek and Star Wars. He take collection of memorabilia from these franchises. Like replica of the Millennium Falcon and lightsaber. He is replica of the Starship Enterprise in his office. He is fan of Elvis Presley and collection of his records and posters. He likes to travel surf and play golf.

Other Ventures

Henk Rogers involved in various other ventures like:

  • He is the chairman of the board of directors of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. It is non-profit organization. And recognizes to promote excellence in the video game industry.
  • He is member of trustees of the University of Hawaii Foundation. It is non-profit organization. It supports the University of Hawaii and its students.
  • He is member of directors of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawaii. It encourages and facilitates philanthropy and community involvement.
  • He is member Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship. It provides education and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. And innovators in Hawaii and the Pacific region.
  • He is member of the board of directors of the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation. It supports the growth of Hawaii technology and innovation sector.
  • He is member Hawaii Science and Technology Council. Advocates for the advancement of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.


Henk Rogers is remarkable person. His take great contributions to the video game industry. The renewable energy sector and the space exploration field. He is the founder of The Tetris Company. It owns and licenses the Tetris trademark and game. He is the founder of several companies and organizations.

It promote clean energy space exploration and sustainable development. His net worth is between $19 million and $137 million. He is married to Akemi Rogers and keep four children. He lives in Hawaii. He continues to pursue his passions and missions. Read about Antonio Banderas Net Worth here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Henk Rogers?

Henk Rogers is 69 years old as of 2023. He was born on 24th December 1953.

How did Henk Rogers get the rights to Tetris?

Henk Rogers got the rights to Tetris by negotiating deal by Nintendo to secure the rights for their Game Boy system. Traveling to the Soviet Union to meet with the state-owned company. He convinced them to grant him the international rights to Tetris for home gaming systems.

What is Henk Rogers’s vision for the future?

Henk Rogers’s vision for the future is to end the use of carbon-based fuels.