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Gillie Da Kid a prominent American rapper and songwriter from Philadelphia is widely recognized. Affectionately known as King Philly among his fans. He gained significant acclaim as a member of the seven-member rap group Major Figas. His rise to fame was notably marked by his contributions as a songwriter for the renowned artist Lil Wayne. Gillie.

He has African American heritage and enjoys a substantial following on various social media platforms, underlining. His status as one of the most celebrated rappers in the United States. He attracted considerable attention in the music industry. He claims to have ghostwritten for the famous rapper and songwriter Lil Wayne.

Who is Gillie Da Kid?

Gillie, hailing from Philadelphia has carved a niche in the rap industry as a talented rapper and songwriter. He gained recognition as a member of the seven-person ensemble, Major Figgas. Fans affectionately dub him the King of Philly celebrating his exceptional writing talent.

Gillie’s career reached a new peak. He made waves in the music world with his assertion of ghostwriting for the renowned artist Lil Wayne. a claim that brought him into the limelight. Follow us here at David Sacks Net Worth.

Net Worth 2023

Pennsylvania is an American figure renowned as an actor, rapper and podcast host. Amassing a net worth of $5 million. He gained fame as the co-founder and performer in the Philadelphia hip-hop group Major Figgas, and further for co-hosting. The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show podcast with his cousin Wallo.

His early career saw him being pursued by major labels such as Warner Bros and Roc-A-Fella. But he eventually signed with Cash Money Records. There he notably ghostwrote for Lil Wayne before establishing his own label, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment.

The group’s debut album Figgas 4 Life released in 2000 featuring the hit Yeah That’s Us setting. The stage for his later solo career. Gillie’s academic journey included attending Ben Franklin High School and majoring in business at Cabrini College.


Real Name Nasir Fard
Name Gillie Da Kid
Profession Rapper and Songwriter
Age 38 years (as of 2023)
Date Of Birth 31-Jul-84
Birthplace Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Father name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Siblings Kiara (Sister)
Wife Name Regina
School High School
College US State University
Education Qualification Graduate
Weight 68 Kg (Approx)
Height 5 Feet, 7 Inches (Approx)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $ 5 Million (Approx)


Gillie Da Kid originally a part of the Philadelphia based rap ensemble Major Figgas experienced a setback. When their contract with Suave House Records was terminated following. The label’s loss of its Universal deal. Deciding to forge his own path, Gillie embarked on a solo career.

He first made waves with his King of Philly mixtape series leading up to the release of his debut studio album Welcome 2 Giladelphia. Gillie’s rise in the music industry was further fueled by his claims of having written songs for the renowned rapper Lil Wayne.

Musical pursuits Gillie has ventured into acting. His filmography includes roles in the movies Blood Brotha, Caged Animal and Force of Execution his versatility as an entertainer.

Early Life

His childhood, family background and formative years remain largely undisclosed. He pursued his education at Ben Franklin High School, followed by enrollment in Cabrini College. Where he majored in business. During his college years he actively participated in athletics. He joined the track team and displayed his skills on the basketball court.

Personal Life

Gillie Da Kid the renowned rapper is married to Gene a talented makeup artist affectionately known to him as Toot. Their marriage has blessed them with two sons YNG Cheese and Mac of. Who have followed in their father’s footsteps into the music industry? In 2021 the family’s artistic collaboration was showcased in the hip-hop album Macc N Cheese.

In 2014 Gillie found himself in a digital altercation with Soulja Boy centered around. The contention was that emerging young artists were being overshadowed by veterans in the rap scene. This dispute caught the attention of boxing promoter Damon Feldman. Who proposed a unique resolution a boxing match. Artists initially agreeing and signing contracts Soulja ultimately withdrew.

Gillie Da Kid has been vocal in condemning the dissemination of graphic footage related to the tragic death of fellow rapper Takeoff. Who was fatally shot in Houston on October 31. Gillie expressed his dismay through an Instagram story criticizing. Those who exploit such moments of tragedy involving African-American celebrities for social media attention. You may know about Rafella Israel Mosberg Net Worth.

Gillie Da Kid Wife,

Nasir popularly known as Gilli, is currently in a romantic relationship with Regina. A professional make-up artist. The couple not being legally married share a life together akin to that of spouses. Gilli affectionately refers to Regina as Toddy a nickname for his beloved partner.

Their relationship is frequently highlighted on social media. Where they actively post photos demonstrating their joyful union. Together they have two children. A boy and a girl, though the couple has chosen to keep their children’s identities private.

Gillie Da Kid Controversy

Gillie Da Kid a figure often involved in high-profile disagreements has had his share of disputes. His altercation with fellow rapper Soulja Boy gained attention. The conflict ignited when Gillie criticized Soulja Boy for allegedly possessing fake money. Gillie initiated the Diamond Test Challenge, a social media trend.

He used a diamond tester on people’s jewelry to check its authenticity often broadcasting these tests live. The situation escalated when Soulja Boy claimed. He had confronted Gillie in Dubai a statement Gillie refuted. The exchange led to a series of heated exchanges on Twitter but eventually fizzled out.

Gillie found himself in legal trouble. When the FBI arrested him in connection with cocaine possession. Throughout the legal proceedings. He consistently proclaimed his innocence and eventually. The charges were dropped. Read more about Kellee Janel Net Worth.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

  • What is the extent of Gillie Da Kid’s real estate and vehicle collection?

Gillie Da Kid possesses a significant collection of properties and automobiles.

  • What is Gillie Da Kid’s annual income?

Gillie Da Kid earns an estimated annual income of around US$300,000.

  • Can you detail Gillie Da Kid’s investment portfolio?

He has invested in several properties in Philadelphia. Including a mansion bought for US$1.5 million in 2020.

  • How many endorsement deals does Gillie Da Kid have?

Gillie Da Kid has secured an endorsement deal with the Rod Elam Collection.

  • What philanthropic activities is Gillie Da Kid known for?

As of now, there are no recorded philanthropic contributions by Gillie Da Kid.

  • Does Gillie Da Kid own any businesses?

While specific details are unknown. He was once a founding member of the group Major Figgas.

  • How many tours have Gillie Da Kid participated in?

Gillie Da Kid has performed in a total of 11 concerts.