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David Nehdar is recognized as an experienced entrepreneur gaining prominence. The spouse of the well-known American actress and singer Lacey Chabert. Lacey has made a name for herself through her roles. In more than 30 Hallmark channel movies a notable portrayal. Claudia Salinger in the Fox Network drama Party of Five.

Often depicting challenging romantic storylines on screen her real-life marriage to David Nehdar is a source of happiness. The comprehensive list of the 30 Hallmark movies featuring Lacey Chabert is officially endorsed by QC Approved.

Who is David Nehdar?

David Nehdar is an American entrepreneur. Who gained public attention due to his relationship and marriage. The couple efforts to keep their romance private. He is notably recognized the spouse of Lacey Chabert an American actress and singer.

Age, Family Background, and Ethnicity

Born on August 16, 1974 in the United States David Nehdar is currently 48 years old as of 2023. While he holds American nationality his ethnicity is Caucasian. Specific details about his parents and siblings remain undisclosed.

He has not disclosed any of his childhood memories or other details. That could provide us with a glimpse into his early life. It appears that David Nehdar is an individual. Who doesn’t spend a lot of time reflecting on the past instead? He is more concentrated on shaping his future.

Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar’s Marriage

After a prolonged period of courtship Lacey and David opted for matrimony. In the initial stages Lacey expressed. That David held the status of her best friend. They maintained a discreet approach to their relationship divulging minimal details to the public.

The duo exchanged vows on the 22nd of December 2013. In an intimate ceremony attended exclusively by close friends and family members. Officially becoming husband and wife in December 2013. The Hallmark star and her long-time boyfriend Nehdar chose to announce.

Their marital status on the 4th of January 2014 through a tweet. In the tweet Lacey joyfully shared. I am starting off 2014 a Mrs. Over the holidays my best friend & love of my life we became husband and wife.

Net Worth

David’s financial status, multiple sources suggest. That his net worth is estimated at around $9 million as of July 2023. He resides in a lavish $1.9 million mansion characterized by a two-story five-bedroom layout. David Nehdar is a happily married individual.

He tied the knot with Lacey Chabert in a ceremony held in Los Angeles on December 22, 2013. The intimate gathering included close friends and family. The relatively short six week planning period. The couple embraced the decision to marry.

On September 1, 2016. Lacey gave birth to their daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar with Mimi. Chosen a middle name as a tribute to and in admiration of David’s grandmother.Read more Social media girls Forums.

Quick Facts

Full Name: David Nehdar
Born Date: August 16, 1974
Age: 48 years
Horoscope: Leo
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Stone: Ruby
Lucky Color: Gold
Best Match for Marriage: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Gender: Male
Profession: Businessman
Country: America
Height: 5 feet 1 inch (1.55m)
Marital Status: married
Married Date: December 22, 2013
Wife Lacey Chabert
Net Worth $9 million
Eye Color gray eyes
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christian
Kids Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar


David Nehdar entered this world in the United States on August 16, 1974. At 48 years old he proudly holds American citizenship and is of Caucasian descent. Details about his birthplace, parents, siblings and early life remain elusive. This mystery one can infer from his accomplished career. He likely experienced a positive upbringing.

Turning to Nehdar’s educational journey specific information is scant. While some online sources suggest a focus on business management. The exact date of his graduation remains undisclosed. The success he has achieved in the business realm implies. A robust academic foundation undoubtedly contributed to his professional triumphs.


When he was a child David harbored a desire to become an entrepreneur. In his professional journey. He assumed control of his family’s business collaborating closely with them. Maintaining a low profile he rarely makes public appearances.

His spouse, Lacey Chabert is a renowned actress and singer. In 1985 she clinched the World’s Our Little Miss Scholarship Competition the World’s Baby Petite. Lacey portrayed Young Cosette on Broadway and secured. Her initial significant role in the Party of Five.

In the late 1990s her feature film debut occurred in Lost in Space. She lent her voice to the animated series The Wild Thornberrys. Over 120 productions All My Children The Brooke Ellison Story ‘Dirty Deeds’ and ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man stand out some of her notable contributions to film and television.

Personal Life

Many individuals are curious about David Nehdar’s personal life. The spouse of the renowned actress, Lacey Chabert. He and his wife were close friends for a considerable time before tying the knot.

The wedding ceremony of David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert took place on December 22, 2013. In a private ceremony held in California. The couple also shares a daughter named Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar born on September 1, 2016.

Despite leading a relatively private life it’s evident that Lacey Chabert’s husband David Nehdar. She maintains a strong and enduring relationship even though. They don’t frequently share pictures together. Follow us here at Amy Adams Net Worth.


He entered the family business gaining a reputation for his astuteness in the business realm. After tying the knot with Hallmark Star Lacey Chabert. The couple ventured into the merchandising domain with their business HSN.

HSN specializes in retailing various items including fashion accessories beauty products jewelry home decor electronics healthcare products and more. Accessible through their website hsn.com.

The couple initiated their own clothing and fashion brand the Lacey Chabert Collection. Exclusive products from the Lacey Chabert Collection are also made available through their e-commerce platform HSN. com.

Being a notably private individual intricate details of his business remain elusive. He refrains from public disclosure. Some online sources suggest his involvement in finance and investment. There are claims that he strategically invests in smaller companies with. The aim of fostering substantial growth.

6 Facts On David Nehdar That Might Surprised You!

  1. 6 Surprising Facts About David Nehdar! David hails from a family of entrepreneurs.
  2. At present he excels as a professional in the business world.
  3. David gained attention as the spouse of Lacey Chabert a renowned American actress, voice artist and singer.
  4. Chabert’s fame the couple successfully kept their relationship private a year after tying the knot.
  5. Chabert is acclaimed for her performances in Mean Girls and Lost in Space and she’s notable for her roles in over 16 Hallmark movies.
  6. His approximate net worth is $9 million.Follow us here Mia Khalifa Net Worth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • In which movies has David Nehdar appeared?

David Nehdar, the spouse of Lacey Chabert has not made any appearances in films.

  • Who is David Nehdar?

David Nehdar is renowned as Lacey Chabert’s husband and is also recognized as a successful entrepreneur.

  • What is David Nehdar’s occupation?

While he has not explicitly disclosed his profession to the media. It appears that Nehdar manages his own family business.

  • What is David Nehdar’s physical appearance?

Married to a well-known actress David comes across as a modest individual. He typically opts for suits and formal wear. He is a Caucasian American.

  • How old is David Nehdar?

David was born on August 16, 1974. In 2022 he is approximately 48 years old.