Who is Dasha Taran? Career, Bio, Net Worth, And Personal Life

Dasha Taran, is an Instagram model, influencer and fashion model, and YouTuber well-known for her illustrations of fashion, beauty, and fashion. The model has only revealed some details about the life she lives on Instagram. Get the facts about Dasha Taran’s life story.

Early Life, Family, Educational Background

Dasha Taran was born in Krasnodar, Russia under the birth sign of Libra on 12th October 1999. Dasha was born in Latin which is a Latin word that means God’s gift. Garik Taran was his name. Garik Taran. Her mother’s name hasn’t been divulged to the general public.

The parents of the couple had been Russian in addition to Ukrainian and Ukrainian respectively. Dasha together with her elder brother grew up with the different styles of each nation.

Dasha’s twin sister Stefan Taran, is seventeen years old. They are the only parents known for maintaining a low-profile appearance which is why their parents are not the most well-known individuals in their families.

Dasha Stefan along with Stefan was born as kids in Russia together with their grandparents. She completed her education in 11th grade in an elementary school in Krasnodar and then went on to learn about the technique of television and film at the university.

As they grew older, Dasha and Stefan realized that they were sick of Russia and moved to Seoul, South Korea where they’ve remained since. When they were young, Dasha had dreams of becoming a politician or perhaps an officer in the police force. But her life took an entirely different course and she seems satisfied with what she’s going through.

Social Media Influencer

Dasha’s success on YouTube has made her a well-known YouTuber. It also drew the majority of her followers to her Instagram pages. There are two Instagram accounts that are available on the platform. In the first account (@tarankaaa) she shares about her life and shares it with her followers. They currently have two million people following her account.

Personal Life, Relationship

Dasha isn’t forthcoming about her private life. She’s not shared her relationship with a male who has been in her life. But she does have an incredibly close relationship with her brother Stefan. They tend to be the ones who create adorable videos on her YouTube channel and their affection for one another and their friendship is apparent. The actress. Taran insists that her main objective in life is to be content.


Dasha is a chef she is also an avid huge fan of Russian food products.

The most well-loved dishes of her include pho bo, a sandwich served with pasta and lobster.

Dasha is able to communicate via Japanese, English, and Korean as well as Russian.

She’s a big lover of Korean popular (K-pop) along with drama.

Lipstick has become her top makeup product.

The most popular game she plays in video format is Minecraft.

She has two of her favorite seasons: spring and summer.

She’s a big shoe lover from Nike.

Her favorite things to do are visiting cafes, watching movies, and drawing.

Net Worth and Salary

In 2021, Dasha Taran’s net worth was estimated at more Than $1million. The majority of it is generated by Google Adsense, paid collaborations modeling, as well as personal projects. The actress hasn’t yet disclosed the specifics of her ownership of the property in the media.

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