Who is Daisy Keech? Career, Bio, Net Worth, And Personal Life

Daisy Keech was born on 12 August 1999 under the name of Leo which is found in Los Angeles, California USA.

The fitness model is aged 21 and a social media phenomenon most likely most well-known for her personal TikTok account which has more than 6.4 million followers, and her own Instagram account, which has been viewed by more than 5.7 million users.

There’s also her YouTube channel which has over 1.5 million followers. Furthermore, the videos she uploads are watched by more than 100 million times. She is also a founder of The Hype House. The Hype House.

Net Worth

In the mid-2021 time frame, the net worth of Daisy Keech is estimated to be in excess of $1.5 million. This is by her success in the world of social media as an author of health-related posts. Her wealth grows through various ads, the commercialization of videos, and brand partnerships.

Early Life

Daisy Keech spent her early childhood in the city of her birth Los Angeles, where she was raised by her younger sister named Robbie through their mother and father the name of which is not disclosed, and their mom, Shawna.

The career paths of her parents is unanswered. Daisy has American nationality and is part of an ethnic group known as the White Caucasian ethnic group. After completing the high school requirements, Daisy enrolled in a college but dropped out to pursue an online-based job.

YouTube Channel

After she gained the attention of a large number of people following her Instagram profiles, Daisy Keech decided to increase her followers and become active on YouTube.

This is why she started her own channel titled “self-titled” and posted her first video on February 18, 2018, which was entitled “5 exercises for building bigger butts! It’s a bit of a squeeze, but”.

It quickly became popular and gained her audience, prompting her to create additional videos that had the same content. She began to share her routines for exercising everyday and fitness and nutrition advice on YouTube.

Aside from that, she began recording beauty tips, Q&A (question-and-answer) videos, make-up lessons, hauls, challenges, and other stuff. “LOUNGE UNDERWEAR TRY ON HAUL | DAISYKEECH,”

“QUARANTINE BUBBLE BUTT WORKOUT,” and “QUARANTINE ABS | My 8 Minute Go-To Cinch Waist Workout,” along with other titles include among her top popular YouTube channels.

Social Media Platforms

Daisy Keech is also active on her official TikTok account on which she uploads videos and participates in discussions with a huge number of followers. She has an account with Snapchat as well, with the name of ‘@daisyapril’. She also has her own personal Twitter profile.

Contacts with Michael Yerger

Daisy Keech is in a relationship with Michael Yerger, a model and reality TV show host, and social media celebrity. She is possibly most well-known for her role as a contestant on the CBS reality competition show “Survivor: Ghost Island”.

They were in love towards the end of the year, joined forces during the first quarter of 2017, and are at Los Angeles. They are both animal lovers. They own two dogs that they named Harley as well as Mudra and have also set up an Instagram account for both of them.

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