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Codie Sanchez is a highly successful investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and multimillionaire who aims to help others build wealth through contrarian thinking and investing. Having started in the media industry as a journalist, Codie Sanchez switched gears to work on Wall Street and in private equity.

Codie Sanchez rapidly climbed the organizations to communicate professionally with customers and other companies and achieved substantial financial success as an executive. That’s precisely what we’ll highlight on this page: Codie Sanchez’s net worth, how Codie Sanchez managed to grow it over the years, and the earning power of Codie Sanchez’s sizable current fortune.

Codie Sanchez Net Worth 

Codie A. Sanchez is a highly successful Entrepreneur, Investor, Venture capitalist, and writer. Codie Sanchez has been working professionally for over one and a half decades. Codie Sanchez was born into a family living paycheck to paycheck. Codie Sanchez work as a journalist and then came to the finance field. 

Now, Codie Sanchez owns multiple businesses. Codie Sanchez co-founded Contrarian Thinking, Unconventional Acquisitions, and Codie Ventures, LLC. Codie Sanchez has been investing and buying businesses since 2012. Now, Codie Sanchez owns around 30 businesses doing less than $10 million in EBITDA, helping Codie generate over $50 million in revenue. 

Once, Codie Sanchez disclosed that she made her first $10 million at 30. Codie Sanchez’s social media following of around 4 million reportedly helps Codie generate around $7k monthly from ad revenue on YouTube and $30k in sponsorships. 

Codie Sanchez sells courses on her website ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Codie makes a good portion of her income from course sales. In 2023, Codie had an estimated net worth of $17.7 million. It is based on Codie Sanchez business, revenue, income, etc. You may know about here at Kathleen Zellner Net Worth.


Full Name                          Codie A. Sanchez
Nick Name                          Codie Sanchez
DOB                                    August 24, 1986 (37 years old)
Born                                    Phoenix, Arizona, US
Nationality                          American
Net Worth                             $17.7 Million (2023)
Profession                          Entrepreneur, Investor, and Venture Capitalist
Age                                    37 Years Old as of 2023
Religion                              Christianity
University                             Georgetown University,Arizona State University.
School                                   Fundacao Gestulio Vargas Business school, Brazil
Qualification                Journalism,MBA Finance
Height                          5 ft 9 in
Weight                          62 kg
Body Measurements             34-24-36
Relationship                          Married
Zodiac Sign                           virgo
Husband                                Chris Sanchez
Breast/Bust size 33 in / 86 cm
Waist size 22 in / 58 cm
Hips size 33 in / 86 cm
Bra size 38D (US) / 85D (EU)
Cup size D (US)
Dress Size


Codie A. Sanchez was born and raised in a Christian family in the United States. So, Codie Sanchez is an American national and Christian by religion. Codie Sanchez’s ethnicity is Hispanic. Codie Sanchez’s father is Spanish. Codie Sanchez is of Mexican-Italian descent. Codie Sanchez now lives in Austin, Texas.

Codie Sanchez was born to immigrant parents. Codie Sanchez’s father, Stan Sanchez, was a hunter and adventurer who never went to college. Stan Sanchez is Spanish and migrated with his father to Arizona and settled there. Codie Sanchez’s mother was a schoolteacher. 

Codie Sanchez’s mother was a special education teacher for 30 years. Codie Sanchez’s mother now runs the books for one of her businesses. Codie Sanchez grew up with his brother, whom she hired to run a business.

Early life

Codie Sanchez Born on August 24, 1986, in Phoenix, Arizona, Codie Sanchez grew up in family deep connect to their Latin American roots. At an early age Codie Sanchez develop an interest in journalism and hone her skills in the Spanish language to connect better her family heritage. Codie attended Georgetown University, where Codie Sanchez successfully pursued a dual degree in journalism and Latin American studies. 

This choice allowed Codie Sanchez to combine her passion for journalism her interest in Latin American culture, history and politics. At Georgetown Codie Sanchez excelled academically and profession, eventually graduate with honors and gaining experience in news reporting.

After completing her studies at Georgetown, Codie furthered her education at Arizona State University. Codie Sanchez enrolled for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), focusing on finance and strategy. This decision marked the beginning of Codie transition from journalism to finance and investment, sett the stage for her successful entrepreneurial career in the years to come. 

Part of her continuous thirst for knowledge Codie attend Fundacao Gestulio Vargas, a prestigious business school in Brazil. Codie expanded her international finance and business strategy knowledge while strengthening her connection to Latin America. 

Throughout Codie’s educational journey Codie Sanchez strategically combined her passion for journalism, Codie interest in Latin America and drove her for success in the finance industry laying the foundation of Codie impressive career and notable net worth. With a straightforward, knowledgeable approach, Codie has proven herself a confident and influential figure in both entrepreneurship and investment.


Codie A. Sanchez is a married woman. Codie Sanchez has been married to Navy Seal Man Chris Sanchez. The couple started dating in 2017. The couple’s first date was four nights under the Nashville sky. They have been together for a few years now. 

The couple have not revealed anything about their marriage but reportedly married in 2018. The couples not been blessed with a kid yet. This is Codie Sanchez’s second marriage. Codie Sanchez has been divorced once previously. Now, Codie Sanchez is happily married. Now, they share a TEAM formula with their followers to make their married life happy. Follow us here at Clara Galle Body Measurements.

Career and Achievements

Codie A. Sanchez started her journalism career, write award-winn articles and being featured in prominent publications like Forbes, Fast Company, and many more. With a strong background in finance, Codie Sanchez transitioned into the world of private equity, where Codie Sanchez honed her skills in finding investment opportunities and growing businesses. 

As an investor and entrepreneur Codie Sanchez developed the concept of Contrarian Thinking which Codie Sanchez has gained traction thanks to Codie YouTube channel and newsletter. This proceeding towards invest focuses on the importance of going against the herd, result in innovative ideas and unique investment strategies. 

Codie Sanchez YouTube channel has amassed over 2.5 million subscribers who follow Codie for advice on topics like real estate finance and entrepreneurship. Codie entrepreneurial success has primarily been driven by Codie ability to identify and acquire unconventional investments often refer to as boring businesses.

 By finding these hidden gems, Codie Sanchez can grow businesses and eventually flip them for profit increase Codie Sanchez net worth along the way. Another significant factor in Codie’s success has her work in the cannabis industry as both an industry expert and investor. Codie Sanchez leveraged her knowledge of cannabis to find profitable opportunities for Codie Sanchez portfolio and holding company, further diversifying Codie Sanchez investments and continuing Codie’s growth, as a successful entrepreneur.

 Codie A. Sanchez has a small real estate portfolio that includes residential properties and small businesses. Codie Sanchez has successfully leveraged Codie’s investments to build a substantial net worth. Codie Sanchez journey began on Wall Street where Codie worked for prestigious firms like Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and State Street. Codie Sanchez then moved on to executive roles in the private equity sector, where Codie Sanchez focused on investing in small businesses.

Codie Sanchez has master the art of acquire and build small businesses, which has generate substantial revenue for Sanchez. Codie found a venture fund focusing on investment in small business infrastructure and play a significant role in grow various ventures across different industries. Codie advocates for investing in “boring” businesses like laundromats, car washes and trailer parks which can generate Codie stable income streams and provide unique opportunities for her. 

These unglamorous businesses often need fewer competitors, easier management, and clear paths to profitability. Codie is known for explore unconventional business ventures like investing in tiny home Airbnbs and RV parks that can give high returns with minimal effort. Codie is dedicate to fighting human traffic and has use her platform to raise awareness and contribute to the cause.

 Codie Sanchez connects with fellow investors and entrepreneurs through masterminds and an active community, sharing Codie knowledge and insights. By focusing on various ventures, from traditional real estate to unconventional investments, Codie A. Sanchez has built a diverse portfolio and establish a considerable net worth. Codie A. Sanchez, an impressive entrepreneur and investor. It has achieve significant financial milestones throughout her career.  

As of 2023, Codie Sanchez net worth stands at an estimated $17,700,000. This impressive figure includes the combined value of Codie Sanchez businesses, home, car and a small real estate portfolio. One of the primary contributors to Codie Sanchez’s substantial net worth is Codie Sanchez’s adept investment strategy. Codie Sanchez focuses on acquiring boring’ small businesses that generate stable revenue. Read more about here at Abadon AEW: Body Measurements.

Codie A. Sanchez’s financial milestones undeniably set Sanchez apIn the previous year alone, Codie portfolio produced over $4 million in revenues. Codie is known for capturing opportunities within industries that hold potential for growth elevating the profitability of Sanchez investments. While it is challenging to pinpoint Codie Sanchez’s exact monthly income, a cautious estimate suggests that Sanchez invested her entire net worth into a mix of ETFs, REITs, and stocks, Sanchez could make around $59,000 per month by following the 4% rule. 

This financial freedom allows Codie to keep pursuing new investments and expanding Codie wealth.The trends observed in Codie financial growth indicate a continuous upward trajectory. 

Although yet to be recognized on Forbes’ list of billionaires, Codie remarkable net worth and successful investment strategies point toward a promising financial future. With the progressive growth of Codie Sanchez portfolio Sanchez may even approach the $30 million mark in the forthcoming years.

Codie A. Sanchez’s financial milestones undeniably set Sanchez apart a confident and knowledgeable investor, seamlessly adapt Codie Sanchez expertise in various industries to expand Codie’s wealth and achieve financial freedom. Codie A. Sanchez has built a reputation as an experienced investor and entrepreneur. Codie Sanchez emphasizes the importance of financial education and shares Codie Sanchez insights through various platforms to reach a wide range of people.

Codie Sanchez is well known for Codie’s Contrarian Investing Course, where Codie Sanchez shares unconventional approaches to investing. This course teaches students strategies to go against the grain and challenge popular market opinions. Codie Sanchez aims to help others create wealth through a different yet effective lens by exploring overlooked and undervalued investment opportunities.

Codie Sanchez’s Contrarian Investing Course, Codie Sanchez offers a variety of courses and masterminds to cater to diverse interests. Codie Sanchez taps into her expertise in the Language of Money to teach her students financial literacy and wealth-building strategies. Through Codie Sanchez media company and various online platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, Codie Sanchez consistently engages her fans with investment tips, entrepreneurial advice and financial education.

Sharing of valuable insights empowers others to understand the finance world better and adopt. A confident, knowledgeable, and proactive attitude toward financial work. Codie Sanchez also connects with her fans beyond the social media platforms. Codie Sanchez has built a highly engage email list to provide regular update and exclusive content her followers. 

Extensive reach in the educational sphere positions Codie as a trusted figure in the financial industry. One of Codie Sanchez endeavours includes collaborating with a marketplace for buying and sell online businesses. Codie Sanchez educates her followers on the benefits of investing in digital assets and provides insights into the practical aspects of the acquisit process. Codie A. 

Sanchez is committe to share her financial knowledge with her followers across several platforms, courses, masterminds and social media channels. Enable them to make inform decisions and grow their wealth. Codie Sanchez’s dedication to educating others emphasizes the importance of accessible, high-quality financial education for everyone.  You may know about it here at Bob Linger Net Worth.


Codie A. Sanchez’s net worth is not merely a financial figure; it’s a testament to resilience, intelligence, and the ability to navigate the intricate landscape of investments. As we look back on Codie Sanchez’s journey, it’s evident that the future holds even more promising chapters for this financial trailblazer.

Frequently Asked Questions ( Faqs ) 

  • Is Codie Sanchez Mexican?

No, Codie Sanchez is American. Codie Sanchez’s father is an immigrant from Spain, but Codie Sanchez was born in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

  • Is Codie Sanchez Married?

  Yes, Codie Sanchez is a married woman. Codie Sanchez has been married to Chris Sanchez, a Navy Seal Man. This is Codie Sanchez’s second marriage.

  • How many businesses does Codie Sanchez own?

Codie A. Sanchez owns Contrarian Thinking, LLC, Codie Ventures, and Unconventional Acquisitions. Codie Sanchez owns around 30 small businesses and generates $50 million in revenue.

  • What Is Codie Sanchez’s net worth?

Codie A. Sanchez has an estimated net worth of over $17.7 million.

  • What Is Codie Sanchez’s Husband’s Name?

Codie Sanchez is married to her Navy Seal Man husband, Chris Sanchez. They started dating in 2017 and reportedly married in 2018.