Carmela Sievers Talks About Her Personal Life, Parents, And Family.

Carmela Sievers was born in 2007. She is 15 years old. Josephine Sievers is the only child in the Sievers family. Many people would recognize her as the daughter of the brutally murdered Doctor Teresa Sievers.

A blond hair spray and a mermaid book were gifts from her aunt Dawn for her ninth birthday. Carmela did the same when she discovered her father’s arrest around Christmas. Dawn commented that she wanted the girls to feel like children despite the circumstances.

Her Brothers and Sisters.

Carmela Sievers Sievers’ older sister, Josephine, is an 18-year-old born in 2004. Josephine received a purple gown as a birthday gift from Mark’s sister-in-law Dawn Tottenham. She told her aunt that she knew she was strong and that her spirit was here. “However, I miss my mother greatly.”

Parents Professions.

She was the mother of holistic doctor Carmela Sievers.

Mark Sievers worked as an office manager for her father.

The Death of her Mother.

In June 2015, Dr. Teresa Sievers died unexpectedly, and ’48 Hours’ examined her death in depth. Multi-award winning for its thorough investigation and well-presented presentation, this show goes to great lengths to fully understand what happened. Doctor Sievers was a well-known holistic medicine practitioner whose husband was Mark Sievers. Their family also includes two children.

Their mother was brutally murdered in their Bonita Springs home in June 2005. Their ages at the time were 11 and 8. Teresa was bludgeoned to death with a hammer by two boys, and her corpse was found in the kitchen after Mark called for a friend.

They had broken into their house, switched off the alarm, gone to Walmart to get supplies, and then returned to kill them. News accounts immediately after their arrests described Wright and his father as childhood friends and close friends since high school. They were apprehended shortly afterward. Mark decided he couldn’t live with his children if Teresa threatened to separate them, so he murdered her.

The Department of Children and Families placed the children with another family after their mother was killed in a homicide. The agency checked the families that offered to care for the children while their mother was slain.

They will be Guardians of Their Granny.

Mary Ann Groves, Teresa’s mother, applied for temporary custody of her grandchildren while Silver was in prison. The two had suffered considerable psychological and emotional stress due to the incidents. On May 16, 2016, she was granted custody of the children. The judge denied Bonnie’s request for temporary control of Mark.

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