Obituary NZ Entrepreneur Brian Gaynor Died at 73, Leaving Wife Anna and son Peter in the wake.

Late Brian was a well-known sharebroker, investment analyst fund manager and business writer who was from New Zealand.

He was among the most prominent people working in finance in the country. He was a co-founder of Milford Asset Management and long-time Herald and BusinessDesk columnist, Brian was the head of the Kiwi business world for over three years.

News of his passing has been a major topic in the news and his influence has swept across all over the country.

Milford Asset Management called his passing as Milford Asset Management said his passing was a “great sadness” for the company. NZ Herald declared him an important figure in New Zealand’s capital markets. They also offered condolences in the wake of its death notice.

NZ Entrepreneur Brian Gaynor Is Survived By Anna Gaynor, His Wife Anna

Brian Gaynor, a leady NZ businessman has left his wife, Anna.

With his enormous empire and his influence on the market for shares and in the family, his wife and children are devastated by his loss within a short time.

News Herald reports that Brian passed away following a brief illness. In the meantime, the remaining Gaynor family is not yet released an official statement regarding the reason for his death as well as funeral plans for his funeral.

The business tycoon was 73 when he died of declining health and death.

Brian Gaynor Has A Son Named Peter

Brian Gaynor’s family is still together with his son Peter and his family.

Brian, the late Brian was the father of his second child David through a tragic accident in the year 2011. David was only a teenager when his final goodbyes were made in the world.

His son Peter is the team leader for Milford’s Private Wealth Associates department. Following in the footsteps of his father, Peter joined Milford in 2014 and climbed through several posts throughout the years.

Peter’s LinkedIn profile states that he graduated in 2014 LLB student at The University of Canterbury. He earned his finance diploma through Kaplan Professional in 2017.

Where is Brian Gaynor Family Now?

Brian Gaynor’s grieving family are currently mourning his passing in Auckland. Brian as well as his entire family resided in Auckland for a long time in his life. He was a renowned city dwellers.

Brian is a native of Ireland and later moved into New Zealand to establish a life for himself. After a few failures however, he re-entered the path and lived a fulfilled existence with his loved ones.

While Brian was a prominent figure in the world of business and media because of his revolutionary performance in the market for shares however, his family and wife kept far from the spotlight.

Therefore, a lot of information about the Mrs. Gaynor and her son isn’t available because of their privacy preferences.

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