Karolina Ciasullo and three Daughters Trial and Case as the Husband Mike Ciasullo Appeals

Robertson has been sentenced 23-years in prison and a lifetime driving ban by the prosecutors. In the meantime, the defense claimed they believed Robertson ought to be given seven years of prison.

In addition, he’ll be banned to drive for the following 20 years. Brady Robertson, 21, has 14 years and 2 months in jail after receiving credit for time completed prior to the trial.

Who is Brady Robertson From Brampton?

Brady Robertson, a 21-year-old Caledon resident has been sentenced to 17 years of prison for causing the devastating loss of life in a deadly crash that occurred at Brampton in June of 2020.

It was sentenced for 17 years of prison. He has the option of parole once he has served one-third of the sentence. He also faces 20 years of driving ban that begins after his release.

Robertson Also, he had more than eight times the amount of legal THC within his body and also an undetermined quantity of the sedative.

This Caledon man admitted four counts of reckless driving that led to death, but denied five additional violations, including four counts in impaired driving which caused the death of a person.

Karolina Ciasullo and 3 Daughters Murder Case What Caused The Accident?

Peel police were looking for drivers of the Infinity after it struck an SUV near the junction of Torbram Road and Countryside Drive on June 18, 2020.

At the time of the crash Robertson was travelling at 150 km/h, as per investigators.

Robertson already admitted four counts of dangerous driving that caused death during the incident. Robertson pleaded not guilty to four counts of operating impaired by drugs which led to his death.

He challenged Canada’s laws that established an acceptable limit for THC blood concentration when driving, arguing that it was unconstitutional.

An outpouring of grief from the public following the tragic accident and an online petition for the family has generated several hundred thousand dollars.

Brady Robertson Trial Update

In the course of the trial, the judge noted that at the time the incident occurred within Brampton, Robertson had a THC level in his blood of 40 nanograms for every milliliter blood 8 times higher than the limit for legal use.

On May 16, Justice Sandra Caponecchia of the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton did not use the term “accident.” She claims that the crimes could have been avoided completely.

Brady Robertson was sentenced to 17 years in prison and the chance of parole once he has served the full term. He also received 20 years of driving ban that will begin the moment he is released.

Karolina Ciasullo (37), from Caledon as well as her three daughters, Klara 6 Lilianna 3 and Mila 1 died on June 18 in 2020, after the family’s Volkswagen Atlas was hit by Robertson’s blue Infiniti G35 at Torbram Rd. and Countryside Dr.

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