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Best Pixelmon Server

On my quest for the best Pixelmon experience, I will look for a pixelmon server that meets all my needs. While choosing from so many servers was tricky, I assembled a summary of the pros and cons of each server I tried. Here are the IP addresses and links to the official websites of the servers in case you’d like to visit them. I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments, so please let me know what you think!
Ranks are subject to change as new, better servers are added, so this is not a complete list. The post will be updated as the number of servers grows and as they change. What is your favourite Pixelmon server? Comment below if you have one, and we’ll check it out!


IP: poke .evolvecraft .com
Website: evolvecraft .com
The EvolveCraft server is an excellent choice for those looking for a smaller server with a tight community. This server is number 2 on our list for a good reason. It is incredible in many ways. Firstly, it showcases some of the most impressive and creative builds I have ever seen.
The massive statue of Gyrados, surrounded by detailed towers, bridges, and statues among the many beautiful features of the spawn. There is some spectacular Minecraft architecture even in simple PokéCenters spread across the map. There is a great deal of detail that goes into building gyms. An Elite 4 facility lies in the middle of a desert in a structure unlike any other.
Warps take you to different map locations, making navigation a bit complicated at first. As well as WonderTrade, which allows players to trade Pokémon, and Grief Protection, which prevents others from destroying or placing blocks on land, the server uses plugins to make it more user-friendly.
As part of the game, players can earn keys by voting, which can be used to unlock chests, granting them great rewards. In conclusion, this server is another great one to check out due to its strong community, impressive builds, and useful plugins. You can find some fantastic forms on the server, as shown in the examples below:
Is there no Pixelmon server that meets your needs? Are there any fantastic ideas for the best Pixelmon server that you can share with us? If you’re interested in making a pixelmon server, you should check out my guide here!

Tekkro Gaming Network

IP: pixelmon .tekkro .com
Website: tekkro .com
After considering all my previous experiences, I concluded that Tekkro was the superior server. In adding to maintaining consistency with our beloved mod: Pokémon, this Pixelmon server has many other reasons to love it. Tekkro maintains the Pokémon feel of Minecraft by limiting Pokémon according to the original game, even though Minecraft is a fantastic game with many features. They accomplish this by removing hunger, fall damage, PvP, and natural Minecraft mobs.
PokéMart, Elite 4, and the PokéCenter make the game feel more like a classic. The gyms have NPC leaders and are conveniently linked by warps. There is a large community, one that is diverse and active, with a large, well-trained staff on hand 24 hours a day.
There is very little lag, and the server has several custom plugins that give it a unique feel. Additionally, the server has more than one server and multiple maps for each server, which sets it apart from other servers. Players on the 1.6.4 server (running older versions of Pixelmon) can choose from 5 different landscapes no matter how much they get bored with one landscape. There are many maps on the new, fresh, 1.7.10 server (running the latest Pixelmon).
Moreover, new members can quickly adapt to the server and easily learn how to use it. This server allows inexperienced modders to download a modpack with all the goodies they need to play in minutes, without going to googling videos and fiddling with files. In conclusion, if you are searching for a great Pixelmon server, give Tekkro a shot – it is an excellent Pixelmon server with a classic feel, unique plugins, minimal lag, and a great community!

Minecraft Pixelmon Servers You Should Try

Now that you know what the best Pixelmon Minecraft servers are, you are ready to take a nostalgic trip to Pokemon’s world. Furthermore, you can become a trainer in no time with the appropriate Pixelmon modpacks and game version. The servers’ modpacks are also available offline if you don’t wish to go online. As well as Minecraft mod packs, you can find many similar loads for other popular series. A new adventure across beautiful worlds awaits you in each of them.
Installing Optifine in Minecraft will take them one step further. Your Minecraft worlds will look and perform better thanks to it. As most Pixelmon servers support the best Minecraft shaders, Optifine’s features are advantageous. With these features, you can make your Pixelmon look like a modern-day video game character. As a result, we won’t keep you around for much longer. Get started catching Pokemon on the best Pixelmon servers right now. How excited are you to see your favourite Pokemon? Tell us in the comments!

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