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Meet Ari Fletcher, an accomplished American model self made businesswoman and social media sensation hailing from Chicago Illinois. In 2023 her net worth stands at an impressive $10 million US according to Net Worth Gorilla. Ari has solidified her position as one of the country’s top social media personalities garnering immense popularity. Becoming the preferred choice for numerous high profile brands. Her captivating presence has graced the pages of various magazines and articles showcasing her influence and impact in the industry.

At the core of Ari Fletcher’s success lies her role as the co-owner of KYCHE Extensions. A thriving hair extension company that has garnered significant acclaim. Her journey to stardom began by captivating a large fan base through bold. Alluring pictures shared on her Instagram account, ultimately catapulting her into the realm of social media stardom.

Ari’s remarkable online following speaks volumes with more than 5.5 million loyal followers on her Instagram alone. Join us as we delve deep into Ari Fletcher’s inspiring story, exploring her diverse income sources accumulated wealth, and intriguing biography.  The remarkable path she traversed to achieve such extraordinary fame.

Net Worth 2023

Name Ari Fletcher
Net Worth $10 Million
Annual Salary $400,000
Age 27
Gender Male
Profession Instagram star, Model
Zodiac Sign Cancer


After her stint as a bartender at Adrianna’s nightclub Ari Fletcher decided to embark on a modeling career and boldly began sharing her pictures on social media. In 2015 she created her Instagram account immediately captivating a growing fan base. The following year, in 2016 Ari launched her own hair extension brand KYCHE Extensions which rapidly rose to become one of the leading hair extension brands in just a few years.

To promote her brand effectively Ari strategically utilized various social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Her efforts bore fruit her popularity surged accompanied by a considerable increase in revenue from product sales.

On 29th November 2016 Ari initiated her YouTube journey under the title TheRealKyleSister. Although her first video Bundle Up By Any Means debuted in 2017. It quickly went viral earning her a surge in popularity and subscribers. Today, her YouTube channel boasts more than 400k devoted subscribers.

Simultaneously Ari made her presence felt on Instagram regularly sharing stunning pictures that drew significant attention and transformed her into a social media sensation.

This period marked a turning point for Ari as she began receiving offers for modeling gigs. Sponsorships from various renowned brands including Savage X Fenty Fashion Nova and other notable opportunities. Her dynamic online presence and unique style made her a sought-after figure in the modeling industry.

Early Life

Ariana Fletcher, widely known as Ari, was born on the 12th of July 1995 in Chicago Illinois to African American parents. Tragically she experienced the loss of her older brother Kyle in 2013 during her teenage years. Alongside her late brother and a younger sister named Ashley, she shared her childhood with her mother Erin Fletcher in their Chicago home. Information about her father remains undisclosed. To honor her beloved brother Kyle’s memory, Ari got a tattoo of his name on her wrist a touching tribute to him.

Following the heartbreaking loss of her elder brother Ari made the decision to drop out of high school. At that point, she sought employment at a nightclub in Chicago where she worked as a waitress. Her commitment to supporting her family financially led her to take on additional jobs in spas and salons while she was growing up. Reports suggest that Ari’s relationship with her father was not on the best terms. Despite the challenges she faced Ari’s determination and resilience paved the way for her remarkable journey to success.


Ari Fletcher’s journey to success reached new heights as she proved herself a master at leveraging her Instagram presence. In an eye opening interview with Alfro Tech. She proudly revealed. That her sponsorship deals with various brands on the platform had earned her more than $1 million. Not content with keeping her success to herself Ari generously shares her knowledge with her devoted fans teaching. They have the art of turning social media into a profitable venture.

Beyond her own accomplishments Ari demonstrated her dedication to uplifting her close friend’s businesses. Lending her support and expertise she played a pivotal role in elevating Marie’s Moon Cosmetics. The talented makeup artist Olivia Song assists them in taking their ventures to the next level. Ari’s guidance and collaboration resulted in the transformation of Marie’s cosmetic brand into the popular Supernatural Cosmetics making waves in the industry.

Olivia Song’s social media presence also experienced a meteoric rise thanks to Ari’s mentorship. In a span of just eight months, Olivia’s follower count skyrocketed from 15k to an impressive 130k. A testament to Ari’s ability to empower and uplift others in the digital realm.

Ari’s influence and impact continued to grow and her talent and accomplishments caught the attention of prestigious publications. In March of 2021 she graced the cover of none other than Vogue Magazine solidifying. Her position as one of the most prominent black influencers in the social media landscape. Her trailblazing efforts broke barriers for users from similar backgrounds inspiring. Them to believe in the power of their voices and experiences.

Ever the entrepreneur Ari Fletcher is currently setting her sights on a new collaborative business venture called Dionte. Together with the renowned hair stylist Arrogant Tae she is determined to build an enterprise. That will undoubtedly make waves in the world of fashion and beauty. With her relentless drive and business acumen. There’s no doubt that Ari’s future is as bright as her remarkable achievements so far.

Personal Life

Personal Life Throughout her life Ari Fletcher has been in relationships with several well known individuals. At one point she was romantically linked with the professional boxer Gervonta Davis. Following that in 2012 Ari began dating the rapper G Herbo. Their relationship bore fruit in 2018. When they welcomed their first child a son named Yosohn Santana Wright. After the birth of their son, the couple eventually went their separate ways.

Ari Fletcher’s life came under the spotlight in 2020 when she started dating the popular American rapper Moneybagg Yo. The duo’s relationship garnered significant attention from the public and media. Notably Moneybagg Yo surprised Ari with a lavish gift a Lamborghini truck—on her 25th birthday in the same year. In return Ari showed her affection and appreciation by gifting him a Mercedes Benz Maybach on his birthday in 2020. Their gestures of love and lavish presents further solidified their status a prominent couple in the entertainment world.

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Ari Fletcher’s Net Worth

In 2023 Ari Fletcher’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $10 million. Renowned as one of the country’s most popular social media influencers. Ari’s Instagram posts alone reportedly bring in a substantial income of nearly $150,000.

Her sources of revenue are diverse with a significant portion coming from sponsored posts on social media, enabling her to lead a luxurious lifestyle. In her thriving modeling career and commercial appearances, Ari has found success in the beauty business, steadily growing her income day by day.

Over the past few years, Ari Fletcher’s net worth has been consistently on the rise. Her financial achievements have afforded her the ability to indulge in luxury evident in her ownership of a Bentley Bentayga a high-end car valued at approximately $150,000. Not only has she secured her own future. But Ari also displays her generosity by gifting her mother a brand new truck on her 50th birthday exemplifying her caring nature and appreciation for family.

With an estimated annual income of almost $800,000 Ari Fletcher’s financial success is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her craft. She continues to flourish there is no doubt that Ari’s net worth will continue to soar reflecting her unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ari Fletcher:

Q. What is Ari Fletcher’s net worth?

Ans. Ari Fletcher’s current net worth is $3 million.

Q. How much money does Ari Fletcher make?

Ans. Ari Fletcher earns over $800 thousand per year.

Q. How old is Ari Fletcher? 

Ans. Ariana Fletcher, born on the 12th of July 1995 in Chicago, Illinois, is 27 years old.