9 Best Minecraft Faction Servers

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Minecraft factions stand out as one of the most beloved multiplayer game modes among users. The gameplay across Factions servers may vary a bit. But the core idea remains constant players kick off in a vast PvP-enabled environment creating their own factions.

On various factions servers players utilize TNT cannons to raid, pillage and loot bases of rival factions. All in the pursuit of strengthening their own standing. Now let’s delve into the top Minecraft faction servers renowned for. Their stellar PvP lag-free performance fantastic maps, and premium custom features.

Best Minecraft Faction Servers

Best MinecraftUsing one of the coolest Minecraft skins is a great way to stand out on faction servers. Our list has no ranking so use. The table below to explore each faction server at your convenience. Because of modding restrictions most of these servers only support Minecraft Java Edition.


  • Server Address: mox.co

Among the best servers last year this is a popular server. Hundreds of players are playing Mox. mc today for games  Survival RPG, Prison, Auction and factions.

2.MassiveCraft Factions

  •        Server Address:Massivecraft.com

MassiveCraft is credited with pioneering factions in Minecraft Faction. The original faction server is the best place to start with sections. There are 40 custom plugins and a variety of unique Minecraft adventure maps in this game. FactionsTax FactionsDynmap and Factions Achievements are included on the server to take factions to the next level.

MassiveCraft features unique objects placed in random layouts to create unique Minecraft Faction biomes. The server features old ruins, canyons, iceberg oceans and other incredible biomes. That set it apart from vanilla. The server world is unique enough to explore independently. 

3. Complex Vanilla

  • Server Address: mc-complex.com

A colossal server called Complex Vanilla is part of the parent server called Complex Gaming. Complex Vanilla has four main game modes. Prison, Creative, Skyblock and Factions.

4. Purple Prison

  • Server Address:purpleprison.org

Purple Prison is a popular server mainly known for its prison game mode. However, it is also useful when working with factions. Players can earn in-game points by auditioning, shopping, and trading items.

Purple Prison is one of the most manageable Minecraft servers to make money on. Players on the server can choose to fight or stay neutral in PvP. Dedicated fight areas automated PvP events and even team-based minigames are part of the game.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to do that. Purple Prison lets you passively hang out with your friends without worrying about being attacked. Unlike most other servers on our list. Check out these other best Minecraft prison servers. You want an actual prison experience.

5. Mana Cube

  • Server Address: play.manacube.com

Like Clash of Clans Mana Cube is a clan-based PvP Minecraft faction server. Defending their bases, players can raid enemies. Duels quests races and minigames can help factions grow besides attacking others.

The power of each faction on Mana Cube is determined by the number of players in the section. They can claim certain parts of the server’s land to build bases with this power. Besides the overworld and moon dimensions. There is a nether and Mars dimension on the server.

6. Lifesteal

  • Server Address: LifeStealMC.net

We are launching a new Minecraft factions server that is truly unique. Based on the multiplayer survival formula it follows an SMP approach. There are hundreds of players in a highly modded Minecraft world when you spawn. At risk of being attacked. You must survive collect resources and defeat all the bosses in the game. Must read online game.

7. Snapcraft

  • Server Address:snapcraft.net

We have created a simple but unique Minecraft faction server based on twisted themes. Players can raid construct farms. Join teams and even set their relationship status with other players.

Each faction on this server is judged based on its power. Everyone contributes something to the section on an individual level. Lands can be claimed events can be won and exclusive features can be unlocked.

Unlike the other Minecraft faction servers on this list. It allows solo players to survive. Even though most factions have at least three players. You can still stay on your own or in a duo. Use one of the best Minecraft skins to disguise your character and avoid standing out.

8. Mineland Network

  • Server Address:epic.join-ml.com

A unique metaverse Minecraft world awaits you on our next server. The Mineland network. On the server, anyone can play over 1000 individual games. The enemy teams can be defeated by competing with your friends or joining them. Players have their economic system server plots and exclusive features unique to each faction.

Like the minigames on the server. You can even create your own. This is possible because Mineland’s coding system is easy to use and game. Creators are paid actual money for their work. There is no limit to what you can imagine.

9. Herobrine

  •  Server Address:herobrine.org

 Best Minecraft You might have heard about Hero Brine’s myth you have around the Minecraft Faction community long enough. Players get messed up by this mythical and dangerous creature. That resembles the in-game protagonist Steve. Herobrine’s existence is fictional. The server that bears its name is fantastic.

With its Earth-like survival system. Its factions keep things simple. Getting started on the server is easy never played on sections before this might be perfect. Some players complain that the anti-cheat system is faulty. Which is the only drawback here.

Join The Top Minecraft Faction Servers Today!

Now you are ready to take on the challenges of a Minecraft world. You can either find an existing crew or create your own. Every faction server in Minecraft Faction poses a unique challenge. 

Having trouble finding your faction check out the list of the best Minecraft Faction Discord servers for some assistance. You can stay put and collect resources until you are ready to create your own faction.

Even on online servers you can find diamonds with this guide. At first finding a village may be a better option. We will leave the rest to you and your faction to figure out. Please let us know in the comments section if you decide to join a server.


You have taken a read we trust you have gained a clearer picture of the top Minecraft faction servers. Our content strikes a chord with you or you have any questions buzzing. In your mind feel free to drop them in the comments. Got the inside scoop on other stellar Minecraft faction servers do not hesitate to share.