2 Reasons Why Villager Is Not Changing Profession In Minecraft

One of the most popular games on the planet, Minecraft, continues to astonish us with its sheer continuing control.

The game has continued attracting new players while retaining many original players a decade after its first launch.

It seems, however, that no substance how extended you’ve been on stage, there’s continuously something new to learn.

It’s no secret that Minecraft is filled with mobs, as I’m sure you already know. Others are neutral and overwhelmingly passive in dealing with you, while others will seek to kill you on sight.

A village is far more critical than any other group in this category.

The villagers are essential for running a farm and come in many different forms. Traders wander the map, NPCs appear, and even zombies are occasionally seen.

You will interact with them differently depending on what type they fall under. That leaves us with quite a few different types of interactions.

One of these is changing a villager’s profession.

We decided to make this little guide because there is a lack of reliable information on this topic.

Villager Is Not Changing Profession In Minecraft

Minecraft Villager Not Changing Profession? Check this out!

In Minecraft, each Villager will have their default profession.

You will likely end up with quite a diverse workforce among these jobs. The market will have clerics, fishermen, butchers, etc.

A person’s clothing usually gives away their profession when they first appear.

If you lack some resources, you can change your villagers’ professions.

However, in this case, the process isn’t as straightforward or logical as one might expect – especially since it’s Minecraft!

Here are two things that may be holding you back.

By the finish of this article, you should have an abundant improved thoughtful of how to change a villager’s profession. Now it’s time to get started!

1. Have you already Traded with the Villager?

Your Villager’s profession can’t be changed if you have traded with them already.

Trading with a villager will permanently lock their profession for some strange reason. It won’t work if you’ve already done this, so if you have, we’re afraid.

Instead, find a villager with whom you’ve never traded. It will be easy to switch over their profession once you find one.

The following section will explain why you still cannot change the profession of a villager you have never traded with.

2. Have you Destroyed the Villager’s Workstation?

Villagers must claim a job site block before they can begin working in their profession.

The Villager can then get to work without any hindrance.

There is, however, the possibility that the player may accidentally destroy the workstation on which they are supposed to work.

You might not get the results you expected if this is the case.

Rather than being free, this Villager will remain tied to his now invisible workstation. 

You will now be unable to change the profession of this Villager unless you know how to get around it.

The following steps should be taken if it happens to you:

  • It will be necessary for you to walk your Villager to the exact location of their now invisible workstation.
  • Your Villager will realize their workstation no longer exists when you do this.
  • When they realize this, you can switch the Villager’s profession.

Villager Is Not Changing Profession In Minecraft

The Conclusion:

Changing a villager’s profession in Minecraft isn’t as easy and logical as you think.

It requires certain conditions to be met, but even then, there’s a trick. However, we hope that now it makes sense to you.

Feel free to comment below if you want us to discuss any other villager issues. Thanks for reading!

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