10 Online Games You Can Play To Stay Connected With Family And Friends

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many of us to remain at home for extended periods than we are used to, primarily when all social interactions are confined to our household members.

Besides the boredom that results from being unable to go out for more than a jog or a drive to the supermarket, we feel disconnected from our friends and families.

When we are away from family and friends and unable to connect physically, we must find new and inventive ways to stay entertained. The perfect way to do this is to play online games – not only are they a great way to pass an evening, but you also get to interact with your closest friends. There are ten great ideas here, from classics you’ve always loved to fun new ideas you’ve never tried.

Speak Out Board Game

10 Online GamesThere is a hilarious game called Speak Out that you can play over video chat with your friends. Players are required to wear a mouthpiece which makes it difficult for them to speak, let alone repeat the crazy tongue twister prompts while wearing a representative. 


10 Online GamesWith an online version of the classic murder mystery board game, Cluedo, you can play detective with your friends while watching your favorite crime shows on the App Store and Google Play Store for just $3.99.

Mario Kart Tour

10 Online GamesHave you played Mario Kart with your friends since you were a kid? This game may be perfect for you if you’re a fan of Mario Kart!

Taking the classic Nintendo racing game online, Mario Kart Tour allows groups of up to seven friends to race against each other against one in a competitive environment. This game features the most famous race tracks, such as Rainbow Road, Mario, Bowser, and Princess Peach, all of which are favorites among gamers. 


10 Online Games I think UNO is one of the most prevalent childhood card games. A game like this can be played online, and you can play against your friends virtually if you wish. There will be no more boredom in your life!

Words With Friends

10 Online GamesThere is a free mobile game (available for Apple and Android devices) titled Words With Friends that emulates the idea of Scrabble for users who love word games like Words With Friends. The game is only designed for one player to play against simultaneously, but you can have as many games going as you like on the go simultaneously. This is a great way to introduce a bit of healthy competition into your day-to-day routine.


10 Online Games With Houseparty, you can simultaneously chat on video with up to eight family members or friends. Houseparty allows you to play games together on the screen, including Heads Up!, Quick Draw!, and so on. A trivia challenge is also included in the program. Adding a bottle of wine to the mix makes this a great alternative to a girls’ night in.


10 Online Games If you want to engage in a game of the traditional buying and selling board game Monopoly with your friends, you should tell them to download the Monopoly App from the App Store or Google Play Store. What’s even better, with the mobile app, there is no need to flip the board angrily in frustration as you play.

Mario Kart Tour

A mobile version of one of the most popular video games is now available for you to play with your friends on Mario Kart Tour. Whether you prefer to play as Princess Peach, Mario, or Luigi, you can challenge up to seven friends to race through the adventurous courses. Players must have a Nintendo account to download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store.


10 Online GamesUsing Apple’s iOS and Android stores, the app version of this creative-thinking category-based party game is now available for download in the virtual world (available on both Apple and Android app stores). Play in a virtual ‘room’ for hours of fun with your friends, the perfect alternative to the real thing, the ideal option for the real thing.


10 Online Games In its original form, Kahoot! was designed as a tool for teachers and students to play online educational games. You can create online quizzes using this platform for free, and it is entirely free to use. Nevertheless, it can just as quickly be used to make fun virtual quiz nights with your estranged family members or distant friends.

Now It’s Your Turn

In your opinion, which game stood out to you the most? I invite you to drop this article in your group chat and see what fun you all want to play with your long-distance friends next time you are together! We recommend that you plan a time when you and your group can try out all of the games on this list so that you can decide which of them you enjoy the most!

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